Tony Dungy thinks Daniel Snyder should change team name



Daniel Snyder needs to wake up. The owner of the Washington “Delightful Chums we had a tendency to oppress” doesn’t see name as even a remote possibility. SI’s Peter King on the Washington D.C. NFL name controversy and team owner Daniel Snyder: “I’m told he’s resolute. He will not change the name.”

NBC Analyst Tony Dungy last night: “I hope Daniel Snyder does reconsider and change it. The nickname is offensive to Native Americans. In 2013, we need to get that name changed.”

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio: “I’m told there will be no discussion of the team’s name at the ownership meetings, either now or at any point in the future. If this ever goes down, I’m told to expect Commissioner Roger Goodell and a handful of select owners to approach Daniel Snyder privately.”

Dan Patrick: “We’ve seen a lot of colleges back away from it, but it’s different with Daniel Snyder.”

Dungy: “It is, but we need to do that. I hope Daniel Snyder changes his mind.”

You’ll notice that nickname does not appear here. Even with quotes I’m omitting it. Yes, I’m joining along with the small number of big names in sports media who dropped the Washington team name: Bill Simmons, Peter King, Christine Brennan. All movements begin with incremental progress. The more national media figures see that the position of Daniel Snyder is wrong and offensive, the more national media figures boycott the name, the more the movement will grow.

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