Texans Cheerleaders should parody this Arian Foster interview too



I get that Arian Foster is doing a bit. I just don’t think it’s funny. I didn’t think the first routine was humorous, where he answered every question the media asked him with the “I’m just trying to be a good teammate” cliche.

I thought that the parody video the Houston Texans cheerleaders put together was hilarious. (Watch it here). Now that Foster has done it again, this time using the “I’m just working hard” catch-phrase.

I hope the Texans cheerleaders make a sequel; because Foster fodder has been provided.


At this rate, Foster will give us a press conference for every meaningless football bromide and saying that belongs on a motivational cat poster. As a journalist who has waited around for these media opps and endured all the talk, without really saying anything, I see where Foster is going with this bit. I’m sure he LOVES giving these pointless interviews as much as we love hearing and later transcribing them.

So the NFL/Texans somebody needs to work something out here. It’s a waste of everyone’s valuable time. Some people thought the first presser Foster did was funny, but I don’t think anyone’s laughing now. We need to figure out a solution that makes everyone happy, because Foster repeating worthless slogans over and over and over again isn’t good for anyone.


Unlike the Texans cheerleaders spoof video. Which was hilarious, we were all entertained by that. So let’s have a part two! #BabesOnParade

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