Loser Tennessee Titans fan video makes Stephanie Langston a star


Tennessee Titans tickets are not hard to get. There was only one fan, a man named David Kline, waiting outside the stadium to buy them. WKRN Nashville reporter Stephanie Langston went to LP Field, home of the Titans, yeah I didn’t know the name of their stadium either. I can’t even name many Tennessee Titans other than Derrick Morgan (is he cut?) or Jake Locker (does he start? Or Hasselbeck? Which Hasselbeck?)  Stephanie Langston talked with the only fan who actually camped out overnight to be as close to the front of the line as possible as Titans’ single game sales began.

Stephanie Langston wakes up Cline, and unintentional hilarity ensures


“I’ll do this when I’m in my sixties,” he says. Cline was the lone overnight camper outside LP Field. And that’s hysterical, because he clearly didn’t need to sleep outside. HE’S THE ONLY PERSON! Cline got to the stadium yesterday morning, and he’s still asleep on the hard hard ground when Stephanie Langston approached him.

So why is he there?

“I don’t have a credit card,” Cline answers. Well maybe he’s just afraid of online scam artists. Or the government monitoring him.

The best parts?  David just wants one ticket for one game- October 20th matchup vs. the San Francisco 49ers.

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  1. ummmm The Titans have sold out every home game since being in Nashville dude…could you rag them anymore? RUDE article and not funny if you were trying to be. Nashville doesn’t know who you are either.

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