Shea McClellin earns defensive player honors, Hell freezes over


Shea McClellin

Two days after landing the hit heard round the NFL, Shea McClellin was rewarded for his career day against the Green Bay Packers. The NFL awarded McClellin with the NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors for his five tackle, three sack performance Monday night. His trio of sacks doubled his career total.

The Chicago Bears needed any sign of life from their 2012 first round pick, and Monday was a glimmer of what Shea McClellin could offer as an NFL player. That being said, McClellin’s performance on the national stage was an aberration. For most of the game, Shea was non-existent. Green Bay tight end Andrew Quarless held the Boise State grad in check, which is what he is asked to do on a weekly basis.

According to Pro Football Focus, Quarless did more than just stop McClellin.

Shea McClellin is by no means a run stopping savant. At a miniscule 260 lbs., he is not going to bowl over any number of 300+ lbs. offensive linemen to take out a running back. The fact that McClellin is even playing on rushing downs or obvious rushing plays is a disservice to him and a failure to see his skill set by coaching and management. Cries for Shea to be placed as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defensive scheme or even a 4-3 scheme have been loud and constant. That doesn’t mean that adjustment is going to be made any time in the future or even with the Bears.

As the Chicago Bears move forward, the defense will need contributions from the oft-maligned Shea McClellin. Another three sack performance is probably a pipedream, but if he can continue to add to the pass rush as fellow linemates Julius Peppers and Corey Wootton did against the Packers, then all may be well at Halas Hall. A change has been needed on the defensive line, and the change has been needed from within since day one.

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