Rex Ryan’s TRUE reason for staying with Mark Sanchez: his wifey tattoo



We know you’re sick of New York Jets news, who isn’t? Especially with the east coast bias and ESPN’s Tim Tebow bias, but this is just too weird and funny. The NYJ are just like they were in 2010, the Blue Mountain Statesque frathouse of the NFL and they keep giving us material.

This new picture of Rex Ryan is sure to conjure up images of the infamous foot fetish videos of years ago featuring a woman that looked a lot like his wife and a voice that sounded a lot like his. Depending on your weltanschauung, you’re either going to be love Ryan more because of this or be more creeped out by him

Picture and snippet from the New York Daily News:

As the Jets organization reeled back home, Ryan spent most of Thursday afternoon poolside at the exclusive Cove Atlantis resort, listening to music and reading “American Sniper,” by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

He sported a blue and white bathing suit — but it was what he wasn’t wearing that caused all the excitement.

click on the photo for a closer look. Yes, you see the usual, pedestrian and cliche shamrock that all drunken, unoriginal Irish-Americans have. But look below: that’s a glamorized likeness of his wife Michelle with a seductive look on her face, and wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey. This sets up all kinds of bizarre (homo)erotic scenarios. And we know why Ryan was so loyal to a QB that sucks so much during the Jets horrific season.

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