2014 NFL Mock Draft: 5-8-14 FINAL EDITION



This 2014 NFL mock draft will be our FINAL edition! Draft Day is finally here! 2014 will be remembered as the year that the NFL Draft totally off the rails and completely jumped the shark. Did you see NFL.Com mock draft of Star Wars characters?

This is the year that the NFL Draft was moved back two weeks, giving us media types way too much free time to talk about it. Combine that with it being Johnny Football’s class, the most over-covered athlete of all time, and no consensus #1 or #2 pick, and it was perfect storm of non-stop 2014 NFL mock draft media over-saturation.

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texans cheerleader-2014-nfl-mock-draft

1. Houston Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Not the biggest need, yes I know. But how can you pass this up? What a pairing he’d have with JJ Watt- DOMINATION! Of course, as I reported earlier,   We know the supposed controversy about Jadeveon Clowney and his “motor”  has “no there there” as Gertrude Stein would say. Clowney was just worried about not getting hurt and costing himself millions of dollars. It’s only natural. He’s truly the best player available, as that sub 4.5 40 is just inhuman for a man his size. Gotta go Clowney.

Bill O’Brien is a quarterback whisperer. He brought blue chip recruit Christian Hackenberg along into a star right away. He took the pile of garbage that was Matt McGloin and made him a fringe NFL guy, who also accomplished the greatest passing season in PSU history. BOB can get a QB in round two or later and mold him into what he wants.

Go here for more on Jadeveon Clowney.


2. St. Louis from Washington, Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

I say the Rams  go pass protector for Sam Bradford in my 2014 NFL mock draft.

Auburn’s phenomenal season has seen this guy’s draft stock shoot way up through the roof. He’s a franchise type tackle prospect now. He’s bunched up there together with Taylor Lewan and Jake Matthews, any of the three could go first, and the order of the three is in flux. Overall, the triad grade out higher than Lane Johnson, Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher did last year. Even though they all went top five. This year the OTs (thank god! we don’t need another fat boy draft like we had last year) won’t go as high because there’s blue chip prospects at the other positions of need.

The past 3 NFL Drafts, we’ve had a search engine version of an “October Surprise” that leads to way more traffic than the actual NFL mock drafts. In ’12 it was Lauren Ufer/Tannehill. Last year was Rebecca Martinson, that psycho Maryland sorority girl’s insane email. This year, it’s Monica Lewinsky. The Google Image search version of the “October Surprise” shows us that at heart guys are still much more interested in searching for pictures of hot and/or crazy women online than for a 2014 NFL mock draft.


3. Jacksonville, Khalil Mack, DE/OLB, Buffalo

Kiper Jr: “I’ve liked him from the start and he grades out as #5 on the big board.”

I’ve seen him as high as #2 in some mocks. Mack is underrated because he’s from a small mid-major school. The key for him is how he fits into both a 3-4 or a 4-3 team. Mack currently holds the all-time NCAA record for forced fumbles and is also tied for career tackles for loss in the NCAA. Maybe “Return of the Mack” will make them a playoff team again?

NFL mock drafts are essentially pointless and extremely inaccurate, nearly all the time. However, they always gets an insane amount of traffic, because you just can’t help but click on them. That’s why I do so many of them. And put so much effort into my 2014 NFL mock draft, a large audience, I feel I want to give you something for your time.


4. Browns, Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Is Johnny Manziel the next Brett Favre? That’s what Trent Dilfer, the game manager of all game-managers thinks. Ron Jaworski doesn’t like Manziel, but so what? Jaws thought Brandon Weeden was a lock to be a star in the NFL. I’ve had more than one evaluator say he’s going to be a top-5 pick, some suspect the Jacksonville Jaguars at No. 3. He had a great Pro Day, so that solidifies his place.

And I’ll just stop there, since you’re totally sick of Manziel over-analysis at this point.


5. Oakland, Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

What’s with receivers increasing their NFL Draft stock versus the OSU secondary? First Jared Abbrederis of Wisconsin took himself from obscurity to a mid-round prospect against Bradley Roby and company. Watkins played himself into a top five pick with his lights out Orange Bowl performance.


6. Atlanta Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan Wolverines

nd up as the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft. Which is shocking when you consider: 1.) how terrible the Michigan offensive line was, and how bad the offense was in general, 2.) the overall reputation of Big Ten football right now and 3.) Taylor Lewan’s peripheral connection to the Brendan Gibbons rape case. And the assault charges filed by Ohio Sate fans against him.

However, all of these Taylor Lewan drawbacks can be explained away. I explain all of them here. Crazy as it sounds, Lewan could go number #2 overall.

Go here for more on Taylor Lewan


7. Tampa Bay Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida

Best player available and an upgrade over Mike Glennon. SI’s Peter King:

“The fastest rising quarterback in the first round, should he choose to come out, is fourth-year junior Blake Bortles of Central Florida. I’ve spoken to a team that’s likely to have a top 10 pick, and they like him better than any quarterback in this draft.”

No discussion of Blake Bortles is complete without bringing up his scorching hot girlfriend Lindsey Duke. (pictured below) but here’s more pictures. And here’s some Lindsey Duke video. She even came up as a discussion topic at the Combine.

lindsey duke blake bortles-2014-nfl-mock-draft

8. Vikings Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

I don’t know if they’ll over reach for a quarterback again. And taking Carr this high is over-reaching. Believe me. At the same time though, no position is more over-drafted than QB, and I’m not sold on Matt Cassel; I don’t think they are either. It won’t be Teddy Bridgewater as the myth of “Pro Ready Teddy” is now over. I guess he’s the Dr. Strangeglove of the NFL Draft now.


9. Buffalo, Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

Best player available might not even fall this far. A franchise cornerstone.

Matthews comes from the blue blood of NFL families. Bruce Matthews, Clay Matthews, Casey Matthews etc. Dave Matthews….oh wait, not that last one. Matthews is a right tackle turned left tackle and shows the ability to be a franchise building guy. He can play both Tackles positions but projects as a big money Left Tackle protecting the blind side..


10. Detroit Lions, Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St

Solidified his place as the first corner taken with his official 40-yard dash. Gilbert was outstanding in coverage this year, and the only criteria that will make him rise above Darqueze Dennard is who works out better at the combine and pro days. Right now they’re pretty much CB1a and CB1b. Apparently, some people think this dude has poor “eye discipline” though. Whatever the hell that means. Who cares?

11. Tennessee Anthony Barr, DE/OLB, UCLA

This guy seems to be sliding down on almost everyone’s 2014 NFL mock draft boards. Some people think he’s a one trick pony as an edge-rusher. However, I don’t buy the idea that his stock is falling. Your draft priorities are always quarterbacks first, then pass protecters, pass rushers, and then pass-catchers and shutdown pass defenders. Those are the main priorities, every thing else is ancillary.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock agrees with me.

“I don’t think he’s sliding. I think that’s more of a media perception. I think he could go as early as 11 to Tennessee. I think Dallas would love him at 16. This draft is not deep in edge rushers. The  bottom line with Barr is I think his best football is  ahead of him. You might have to wait two years.” Mayock said on conference call.

Go here for the UCLA Cheerleaders photo gallery


12. New York Giants, Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

Donald ran a 4.68 40 which is PHENOMENAL for a guy his size. His 35 reps on the bench press was second most in his position group. The Giants group of pass-rushers have expired or are largely expiring, so it’s time to revamp the group. GM Ike Reese is a value GM, best player available type, so this would fit both molds.

Here’s where Mayock sees Donald going:

“Aaron Donald, I think I have number 12 on my board, but it’s hard to find a spot where he doesn’t go. If he doesn’t go to Chicago or Dallas at 14 or 16, he could fly down in those areas.”


13. St. Louis, Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

This guy needs to give a huge cut of his salary to Johnny Manziel, who’s made all this money for him. Eli was terrible this season, time to give him something more to work with. Plus Ike Reese is a value GM, and he’ll go best player available.

Said NFL Network’s Mike Mayock on conference call:

“Mike Evans is more a product of what today’s NFL environment is. Today’s NFL environment, with the advent of the back shoulder throw, has opened up the game for the big wideouts, the 6’5″ wideouts. Why?

They basically can play outside the numbers and they don’t have to run as many routes and they don’t have to get in and out of breaks like the smaller ones.
They’re running a bunch of outside the  number fade routes that become converted back shoulders. Any time you get a one-on-one with a defensive back with his back turned, you get a big, superior athlete, the odds favor the wide receiver.”

jay cutler-2014-nfl-mock-draft

14. Chicago BearsHa Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

And what’s a 2014 NFL mock draft without a few more Alabama players? Go here for the Alabama cheerleader photo gallery

His name is worth being a number one pick alone. Don’t worry too much about the suspension. All he did was seek money for doing his job. A situation that magically changes 180 degrees in a few months. Namewise Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is right up there with college football players Hingle McCringleberry, Ozmataz Buckshank, Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace and LeCarpetron Dookmarriot. Of course, those three players don’t actually exist. They’re characters in a Key & Peele sketch.

Monica Lewinsky is finally breaking her silence and publishing her personal memoir on THE SAME DAY Ha Ha Clinton-Dix becomes a NFL 1st round draft pick! 

Can’t be just coincidence…………….by the way, after watching the “East West College Bowl” sketch, I had to convince my sister that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was an actual, real person


Go here for more on Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

At this link we explore other possibilities with this pick in depth. 


Go here for our complete Chicago Bears mock draft, every pick in every round. And our take on what might happen if the Bears go quarterback in a later round, and what could happen if they go running back in a later round. 

For the greatest Jay Cutler story ever go here. And here’s the witness to that epic Cutty tale.


15. Pittsburgh, CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama

And what’s a 2014 NFL mock draft without a few more Alabama players? Go here for the Alabama cheerleader photo gallery

ESPN Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. ranks him as the sixth best prospect on his big board. “a guy who has done a tremendous job from a production standpoint, he’s consistent, he shows up every week, he studies. For a NFL Defensive Coordinator, he’s someone who can come in and cover and so much on the field and play every down,” Kiper said. And what’s a 2014 NFL mock draft without the Steelers taking a linebacker?

Go here for more on CJ Mosley


16. Dallas, Darqueze Dennard, DB, Michigan State

My god that Dallas defense is a train wreck among train wrecks. Did you see Josh McCown score on all eight possessions in the Siberian version of Soldier Field? Josh McCown! ‘Boys must go D BPA in the first round. Defensive best player of available. Safety is the primary need, but safeties don’t usually go in the first round. Unless it’s Ha Ha Clinton Dix, who very well might end up here. I

MSU had the #1 defense in the nation, and Dennard is the #1 most NFL ready on that squad. Made himself some good money in the Big Ten title game. Wow did he look good. The “No Fly Zone” can make himself even more money by dominating the Stanford WRs in the Rose Bowl.


Go here for more on Darqueze Dennard

But you’ll seriously want to see my pics from inside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders locker room, 

Oh, and here’s the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on bikini fitting day. You’ll want to click that too!


17. Baltimore, Odell Beckham, WR, LSU

Beckham has good size (5-11, 198) has the speed to stretch the field and shown the potential to make game-changing plays. Beckham was a combine monster, a true Meausurables man as his stock has shot up during the spring, rather than last fall. He could also contribute right away on special teams on the next level, as he could become a potentially dangerous returner. And Baltimore definitely needs help at this position. They’ve needed help here for some time.

Beckham is an explosive kid who gets in and out of breaks as well as any receiver in this draft.


18. New York Jets, Marqise Lee, WR, USC

I’d rate Lee higher but it’s all about health with him. He’s suffered a fair amount of injury during his time in Troy, and he needs to show that he’s 100% at the combine. No worries about him producing a lot of big numbers or possessing talent. He’s proven that already. Basically, I think New York needs to go defensive back or wide receiver at this pick. Possibly, cornerback, as there’s some decent value still available.

Go here for the USC cheerleaders annual swim event fundraiser, bikini photo gallery

Go here for the USC cheerleaders annual swim event fundraiser, bikini photo gallery Volume 11



19. Miami  Zack Martin, OT/G, Notre Dame

Martin had a great Senior Bowl and will probably end up going to either Miami or Arizona, somewhere in the first round. I’m guessing Miami as they need big bodies to help protect QB Ryan Tannehill. And of course appease his wife, model Lauren Tannehill. The big three tackle prospects: Greg Robinson of Auburn, Jake Matthews of Texas A&M and Taylor Lewan of Michigan will all be long gone by the time the Dolphins are on the clock.

“Zack Martin to me would be the guy because you could play him at left tackle, at right tackler, you can could put him at guard, he started 50 plus games, he’s durable,” ESPN NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. said on media conference call a couple days ago.

Here’s more in depth on why Miami taking Zack Martin makes sense

Here’s a summary of what ND players should get drafted, signed as free agents


20. Arizona, Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

Fills a need and is about the exact time that Ebron should be picked anyway, although I have seen him as high as the top ten in a 2014 NFL mock draft or two. Arizona has some good pieces and this would be another great addition as they close the gap between themselves and the rest of the NFC West. However, Ebron might not even be there, I could see him going to the Ravens at #17.


21. Green Bay Packers, Jimmie Ward, SS, Northern Illinois

You haven’t heard of him, but you’ve heard of two high profile quarterbacks that he’s played with: AJ McCarron (in youth Pop Warner football) and Jordan Lynch, the NIU Heisman finalist. However Ward is the only guy out of these three players that has a chance of being picked before Saturday. Placing Ward here might have been a stretch, but did you hear about his Pro Day? it was astronomical. Ted Thompson is a “value GM,” so he usually picks value-based, but this is also fills a need.

You can flip a coin here between Pryor and Ward. Go here for more on Ward


22. Philadelphia, Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville

The Eagles defense is actually better than you might think it is, but it’s also got to be the way that Philly goes in round one. Pryor is a guy who was obscure during the fall, but shot up the boards during the combine. This spring, if you can actually call it “spring” here in the midwest, we’ve seen Pryor soar up the charts. And I could see this position being one they would want to upgrade.

By the way. Chip Kelly sort of endorses this very site you are reading. It happened at the Rose Bowl. Read the whole quasi-endorsement here.

florida state football cheerleaders

23. Kansas City, Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

I don’t think it would surprise anyone if the Chiefs went pass-catcher in the first round, specifically with someone who can play on the outside. In Benjamin, they get a guy who’s draft stock has shot way up during the historic perfect season they had in Tallahassee, so this pick makes sense in my 2014 NFL mock draft. Does it make sense in real life?

Well, you know how these things play out…what’s logical is often the opposite of what happens.

Said Mike Mayock of NFL Network: “Mike Evans I think, along with Kelvin Benjamin, some of these other guys, are what today’s NFL is all about. They’re outside the
number guys and red zone guys.”


24. Cincinnati Bengals,  Stephon Tuitt, DL Notre Dame

He got off to a rough start this year, because he wasn’t healthy. Then he dominated the USC game. Stephon Tuitt pretty much won the USC game for Notre Dame.  ESPN NFL Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. sees Tuitt has a great prospect and said that he didn’t like the targeting rule that kept Stephon Tuitt out of the Pitt game, and he mentioned that the absence of Stephon Tuitt pretty much cost Notre Dame the Pitt game. Kiper believes Tuitt could step in and start right away.

Here’s a summary of what ND players should get drafted, signed as free agents

Go here for more on Tuitt


25. San Diego, Louis Nix III, Notre Dame

I could see the Chargers going shopping for some Irish Chocolate in round one. They have a front-seven that needs some revamping and Nix will be a first rounder, despite missing some time at the end of the season and some previous weight issues. He showed that he’s healthy now. And at his Pro Day he checked in 331 pounds and looked pretty slender; by his standards.

You got to wonder about heart with him though. He really took the end of the season off, and how much of that was about lack of effort. He was healthy for the combine after all.

For more on Louis Nix III

26. Browns from Colts, Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State

I’ve seen this guy a lot higher in a whole lot of mock drafts. However, I just don’t buy it. I think conditioning is an issue. He’s someone who could Burger King himself right out of the league if he isn’t extremely disciplined. I’m really only putting him here because I don’t believe in the Browns front office to do anything that makes sense, like say take the signal caller than they badly need.

I guess it’s fitting that Draft Day was set in Cleveland, as that movie totally bombed, just like the Browns have in recent years.


27. New Orleans, Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Why the Saints? Well, Rob Ryan did wonders with them, but I think he’d still like to reshape the units personnel with more of this own guys, and this is too good a prospect at this point to pass up. The only problem is he’s 5’9″. Literally the only knock on this kid. He competes, he’s tough, but he losing the jump ball throws to bigger receivers.

“But Jason Verrett competes on the outside, he competes on the inside. He gets beat up a little bit on the jump ball situations. But I would hesitate most of the time with guys that size. But because he’s so fast and so competitive, I believe he’s a first-round pick and I think he’s a natural nickel,” said Mayock.


28. Carolina Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama

As you might have heard, the Panthers need help at the WR position. It’s more than the departure of Steve Smith; there are issues all up and down the position group. However, I think all the true first round talents at the position are gone by this time. Taking anyone else would be a stretch at this point. So why not go OT? It’s another position of need. And Kouandjio is likely a good fit in Charlotte.

Cyrus Kouandjio has blocked for 17 100-yard rushers over the past two seasons as a starter, including seven this year. He anchors an offensive line that ranks ninth nationally in fewest sacks allowed (.90 per game) while opening holes for one of the most-balanced offenses in the nation, averaging 207.5 yards on the ground, 238.2 yards in the air and 38.8 points per game.

He’s had a few hiccups along the way, and he struggled at the beginning,” ESPN expert Mel Kiper Jr. said of him. However, he still rates Kouandjio as 18th overall on the big board.

For more on Cyrus Kouandjio.


29. New England Patriots, Ra’shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota

Scouts like Hageman’s length and girth, abt 6-6, 311. He’s a nose guard, who makes an interesting 3-technique prospect in the NFL.

“He had a great off week, and we worked out on his fundamentals,” said Gophers Interim Head Coach Tracy Claeys. “He’s a big part of what we do, because others prepare for him.”

Hageman said he did a lot of drills working on technique and hand-work. And he needs works on his technique. Very much so as it looks like Hageman plays off every now and the, The Gophers are pretty deep at DL, and Rashede disappears or awhile. He needs more consistency.

Go here for more on Ra’shede Hageman


30. San Francisco, Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

This guy ran into the first round with 40 at Indy. It probably now goes Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Marqise Lee, Kelvin Benjamin and Cooks. Broke combine records in the 20- and 60-yard shuttles while running a Sonic the Hedgehog like 4.33 in the 40-yard dash. Cooks is a smaller receiver, but maybe the most explosive of the entire group. He’s tough and also a good route runner.



31. Denver, Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State

Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer gave a PR statement of his former star linebacker: “Ryan is one of the most incredible young men I’ve ever been around . He’s got a heart of gold.”

Shazier could be a very good kid. He might be the nicest guy in the world, and Ryan Shazier the person may be just as great as Ryan Shazier the college football player. Because there’s no denying Shazier is really good. However, a character endorsement from Urban Meyer is…..well, do you trust Urban Meyer? Shazier can do a lot, he covers sideline to sideline, he’s a tireless worker, great at rushing the passer, but he needs to keep getting bigger. Art 237, he’s made some progress in that department, but he still needs to increase his size.

For more on Ryan Shazier


32. Seattle, Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech

With his size and versatility and the trendy way that tight ends are being used in the NFL today, you have to see this guy being a first round pick.

“so much flexibility with Amaro, you flex him out, and with how long he is, and how big his hands are, I think Jace Amaro goes in the first round I think New England could look at him at pick 29,” said Mel Kiper Jr. on media conference call.

But I see him falling to the Seahawks.

Our 2014 NFL mock draft is over. Hey thanks for coming! It’s listed in the Walter Football database, FF Toolbox, Hail Redskins and DC Pro Sports Report mock database

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  1. so why would the Ravens be picking a QB in round 1? really would like an explenation on your logic or lack there of on this one!

  2. paulmbanks says:

    Hank, read the intro/disclaimer up at the top. I had to wait till after this draft was over before fully considering team needs. But stay tuned updates are coming soon!

  3. Eccentric Fan says:

    I can’t imagine the Bills taking a QB in this scenario. They just drafted a QB in the first round this year, and I can’t imagine them giving up on him after only one year.

    And it’s the regime’s first year, so it’s not like they’ll all be fired this year and have someone new come in wanting “their guy.”

  4. Are you certain the Lions won’t have the first pick in the 2014 draft???

  5. David Wilkinson says:

    Johnny Manziel will NOT go #1 in the NFL Draft. It will never happen. Book it! Why would you have him there even in a mock draft?? Isn’t a mock draft supposed to as closely as possible mirror the way you think the actual draft will go down?

  6. Nick Cahill says:

    don’t mean to be a dick but u can’t have the patriots at 20 because u have the other 3 teams in the division out of the playoffs and 20 isn’t even a wild card berth draft pick by the way u made this no team from the pats division makes the playoffs but I’m happy to see u have my Vikings doing well and u are smart enough to not try and say they should draft a defensive end because they will resign everson griffin and Brian Robison who are 2 above average d ends and is Allen leaves we are still set

  7. Hank: love how you have the Pats picking 20th…..yea right. I think you’re way off base on the secondary. Remember after the trade for Talib last year they had a top 12 defense. Plus, they are young, drafted Logan Ryan at Cb and Durin Harmon at S. move them down to picking in the 28-32 range and go with at DT.

  8. Jonathan J says:

    The lineup of the teams for this mock draft as of 11-11-13 is quite confusing you have Carolina picking in the top 10 they are currently on a 5 game win streak so are you predicting they lose the rest of their games?

    Also my ravens are 4-5 based on their position I’m guessing you predict we will go deep in the playoffs. Van noy above Barr???

    I’m also shocked you have 3 WRs in the 1st round but no Marquis Lee or Jordan Matthews ?

  9. Why do you have the Jets taking a linemen and why do you mention Sanchez is still the QB?


  11. I haven’t checked today, but before their bye week (this weekend) Buffalo was leading the week in sacks. Seems to me their pass rush is doing OK. If you want to project Beasley to Buffalo as the best available player, that’s fine, but don’t make up reasons.

  12. You have the Rams taking two tackles? They won’t even take one and you have them taking two. Ridiculous.

  13. This stinks for the Browns, I mean really really awful

  14. Rcky Bertz says:

    I don’t see how you have the Rams taking two offensive tackles with their two first round picks this year in Matthews and Lewan…..that giving the fact that they just signed Jake Long this past offensive season to a huge contract.

  15. There is no way the Raiders take a WR with the 6th pick. 0% chance. They will go QB, OT, or defensive line.

  16. Insane! Pay attention! You think Jerry Reese will pass on OT Taylor Lewan to get WR Mike Evans? How long did it take R Randle to learn the system before he could get on the field as a WR? Have you seen Eli on crutches? Worst rushing team in the history of Giants football, shut out twice, with Guard Chris Snee and Center David Baas coming off IR and pretty much liabilities now. Lineman David Diehl graded by PFF as the worst… not just lineman… but player, in the entire NFL, in the HISTORY of PFF grading, and that was in 2011. He has not gotten better. The only lineman playing worth a darn is rookie RT Justin Pugh. And your answer… take a WR?! Who won’t see the field for how many games? And then what’s Evans’ job… help Eli up off the ground? Pay attention! OFFENSIVE LINEMAN #12. There is no option! Can’t fix this with FA, because they need no less than TWO starting caliber linemen, so forget about the mid round guys like Mosley, Brewer, Cordle, etc. Got plenty of those guys. Not the answer. FA is not the answer… rookie 1st round pick Justin Pugh cost $1.8M APY in 2014 CAP, whereas FA acquisition David Baas cost $8M APY in 2014 CAP. Reese can get an OT with #12 and a Guard with #43 and pay less than HALF for BOTH of them what it will cost him to get just ONE starting FA lineman. Mack from Cleveland will get $10M APY CAP. No Evans. Lewan to fix the broken line.

  17. you would have to high on drugs to take a RT at 4

  18. Lombanner says:

    Why on gods earth would the Browns take a LT at 4????? there is this guy there already named Joe Thomas.. ya know 6 time pro bowl guy…….

    There is no way even Lombanner takes a RT at 4. The factory of Sadness would get burnt to the ground

  19. I think Beasley is staying in school.

  20. Raiders better not take WR at 5

  21. Shawn Baptist says:

    AJ Johnson is returning to Tennessee

  22. Paul,

    Like your website! WRT the Niner pick, they’ll be looking for either BPA or best CB on the board, most likely. They could lose 3 CB’s if: Carlos Rogers doesn’t agree to restructure his contract; Tarrel Brown’s a UFA and will try to find his pot of gold; Perrish Cox was released, then re-signed late in the season. He’s aruably the most likely to re-sign. Believe they’d like to draft one of the big CB’s, Jean-Baptiste or McGill & potentially another at least 6 ft, 200 lbs.

    Assuming they re-sign Boldin (likely), they’ll still need to add a speedy WR.

    Donte Whitner sez he wants to return, but the Niners won’t overpay for a SS. If he walks, like Dione Bucannon to draft.

    Navarro Bowman just had his torn ACL surgery this week. No guarantee he’ll be ready for regular season early-on. Michael Wilhoite is most likely his fill-in, but would anticipate they’ll draft an ILB for future/depth.

    Kaepernick’s b/u was Colt McCoy…he’s a UFA. Hope they sign Josh McCown and draft a QB, maybe David Fales, who played just down the road from their HQ and new stadium in Santa Clara.


  23. The 49ers pick is mind numbingly dumb, why would they use a first rounder on a LB when they have the best duo of inside linebackers in the league?? Yeah Bowman tore his ACL but he’ll be out for two months of next season *max*… you don’t use a first rounder to plug a two month hole.

    The only positions it’s reasonable for the 49ers to take are CB, WR, C, or possibly a very talented DL who’s slipped. Ultimately, expect them to trade out of this spot though.

  24. There’s no way he falls to #29 unless he suffers a major injury before the draft. The Vikings will sprint to the podium if Mack is still available at #8. They cannot afford to miss on their 1st round pick and can still get Mettenberger or McCarron or trade for Ryan Mallet with one of their 3rd rounder.

  25. These Browns picks are awful and poorly thought out

  26. No way is Hyde a first rounder and there is absolutely no chance that the Browns spend a first on him.

  27. this was fucking awful. Jets taking Nix? Like what? Do you pay attention to team needs when doing a 32 pick mock?

  28. CoffeePartier says:

    Please adjust comment for pick 13. That’s the reason you used when you slotted Evans to the Giants.

  29. metalhead65 says:

    so are you a packer fan or just don’t like Jay Cutler because he does not suck up to the press? I have a feeling that if it had been any other QB besides him who had to play in the offenses he did and behind the lines that he played behind before last year you would say he was a great competitor who hated to lose. but because he was not Mr. personality with the press you guys piled on him and called him a whiny baby. you think any other QB would have done better playing under the conditions he did? playing for a coach who had no clue what offense was? a guy who was one of the best young QB’s in the game when the bears got him and then did not build a offense around what he did best?manning or brady could not have done better in those conditions and would have yelled at their lineman and coaches to.

  30. For the Cards at No. 20, while it might be nice to take Ebron, easily the best TE in the draft who would help the office, especially since Arians loves TEs, if he’s there, I think they would first look to trade out if they could for more picks (can not tell you who with, because I don’t know other teams well enough). Arizona has 2 really needs: (1) a safety who can cover big TEs, provide run support, who ideally can play both positions, where choices are limited (Clinton-Dix, Bucannon, and maybe Luston); and (2) LBs who can provide a speed rush off the edge, who can play both positions to replace what they lost in Dansby, where there seem to be a lot of choices (Ford, Shazier, Van Noy and Bradford).

  31. Giants GM is Jerry Reese. Ike Reese is a former Eagles LB/Special Teamer and current Philadelphia sports radio host.

  32. metalhead65 says:

    The Bears are not going to waste a 3rd round pick on a qb this year. they have to many needs to pick one that high and aside from Tom Brady what late round qb has amounted to anything as a starter? they if Trestman can make mccown look like a NFL starter he will be able to do that with Palmer or another qb who gets cut by his team in training camp. they have way to many needs on defense to waste a early pick on a qb.

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