PHOTOS: NFL Cheerleaders in Christmas Outfits


NFL cheerleaders in cold weather cities often get to abandon their skimpy outfits on cold days. Sometimes they’re allowed to wear the warm, bulky outfits that cover everything up. And not the stripperesque outfits that warm weather/dome team NFL cheerleaders wear year round.

Is it too early for this Christmas themed post? Absolutely not. Radio stations go to X-mas music the day after Halloween. Christmas has just eaten Thanksgiving now. So here’s the uniform of choice for NFL cheerleaders when the weather gets cold: Christmas/Santa outfits.


The first two pics are from America’s Sweethearts, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.


The Houston Texans cheerleaders in the Christmas spirit


I have to list the name of each NFL cheerleaders squad beside each picture because you can’t tell which team they cheer for. There’s no hint of the team colors or logo in any of the NFL cheerleaders Christmas outfits.

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