How did the New York Giants suck so far so fast?



The 0-6 New York Giants and the 6-0 K.C. Chiefs represent two strange phenomena in the National Football League.

We’re almost halfway through the NFL season and we’ve had two really weird situations in that a team that won the Super Bowl just one season before last has fallen this far, this fast. They truly suck to high heaven right now. And on the flipside, the Chiefs who were the worst team in football and held the #1 overall pick in draft are undefeated. More on the Chiefs here.

eli manning-vs-chicago-bears

It’s probably time for the New York Giants to draft a new quarterback. Eli Manning is not ELIte. Whether or not he once was he’s certainly not anymore. And it can’t hurt the New York Giants to find someone who could push Manning to become better, all the while grooming him to be his successor.

This is by far the best class for it.

The way things are going it’s just time to tear it all down and build it back up. But you got to tear it down first.

“they just don’t have many good players on defense, on offense,” former Patriots safety and NBC Analyst Rodney Harrison said.

“Eli, you know, he’s your main guy; he’s playing terrible. You know, they’re struggling running the ball. He has no confidence in his offensive line…you just see him making all these errors. JPP hasn’t had the type of year – break-out year since he was a rookie. Though how well he’s played. Justin Tuck, he’s on his last legs. And, you know, quite frankly at the linebacker position, at the corner position they don’t have any impact players.”


The New York Giants are known for two things:

Head Coach Tom Coughlin being a massive douche. That hasn’t changed. And their endless army of inter-changeable pass-rushers from all the front-seven positions, year-in and year-out. That’s completely changed. Jason Pierre-Paul, the 15th pick in the 2010 draft has just one sack. He’s also demoted to second string. He plays through a sprained MCL as he tries to improve upon his disappointing season. Justin Tuck and Mark Herzlich are the only guys left in the base 4-3 on that defense you’ve still heard of.

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