Can New Orleans Saints defense carry them to the Super Bowl?



When discussing the New Orleans Saints…First off, anyone who ever does a “Saints go marching….” cliche gets KICKED IN THEIR THROAT SO THEY NEVER TALK AGAIN. If you really are that bad at your job that you have to make a reference to the song that helped name the team and use it to try and sound clever, you are too dumb to work in this field. And you’re too boring to be allowed to speak. I hope your NFL credentials are revoked for that.

*rant over*

Now, let’s get on to talking about the New Orleans Saints defense.


The journey of the Saints ‘D’ from 2012 to now is like a jazz funeral. It begins slow, dark and depressing. Without any hope. But it ends up exciting, fast-tempo and gets your spirits up.

Rob Ryan took one of the worst units in NFL history, the stats bare that out, and inspired them to become an entirely revamped and fearsome unit.

Since Ryan can pull off a job like this, he’s entitled to walk through as many airports as he wants holding three pizzas and a stuffed animal. (as he was just spotted doing)

Last season New Orleans ranked 4th in total defense, points allowed and sacks. Now if they could only take the ball away more. It’s their only weakness. We’ll see if Junior Galette and Cameron Jordan can repeat, of hopefully improve their sack totals. The secondary should be better with the additions of Jairus Byrd and Champ Bailey.

Here’s a video in which Cameron Jordan says that he wishes he could sack his own quarterback, Drew Brees.

The New Orleans Saints made moves in the offseason, but in the end they’re right back where they started on paper. However, that’s a pretty special place. If the Saints stay healthy, it could be a very good season. 12-4 sounds about right.

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