Bill Belichick takes his horrible PR skills to a new abyss

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Bill Belichick has a reputation for being Bill Belichick.

And by that I mean, his press conferences have a reputation for being the most pointless exercises in human history. He’s a one man Media Relations Department. An extremely assholish Media Relations Department.

With Bill Belichick all information is on a need to know basis. And according to BB, no one ever needs to know anything. Ever.

This exchange is really egregious in douchitude; even by Bill Belichick standards


Q: How close was Rob Gronkowski to playing yesterday?

Bill Belichick: I don’t know. He was inactive.

Q: Did he have a shot to play?

Bill Belichick: He was inactive.

Q: Going into the day, was there a chance he’d play?

Bill Belichick: He was inactive for the game.

Q: What about Danny Amendola?

Belichick: He was inactive too.

Q: I know they were inactive.

Belichick: They were inactive so they didn’t play.

Q: I think you have an idea how close they were.

Belichick: Well, they weren’t able to play. What do you want, percentage points? They couldn’t play.

Q: Going into the day, did you know they couldn’t play?

Belichick: They were inactive.

Q: That doesn’t answer my question.

Belichick: They were inactive, it’s as simple as that.

Reading between the lines, it appears that Gronkowski and Amendola were inactive.

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