Lions Ndamukong Suh has to go


Ndamukong Suh

Another game, another bad decision by Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions.

Suh added to his list of boneheaded plays Sunday by purposely blocking Vikings lineman John Sullivan low. The safer play would have clearly been to block Sullivan high. The good news is that Sullivan was not injured on the play. The better news is that Suh should receive a disciplinary call Monday or Tuesday.

Ndamukong Suh has kicked quarterbacks, stomped lineman, and blasted the “venerable” Jay Cutler with a forearm shiver. The defensive tackle has been fined multiple times during his career, and served a two game suspension for stomping Packers lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith during the 2011 season.

With another suspension an option, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needs to send a message to Suh.

Suspend Ndamukong Suh for 8 games.

You would think that Goodell would want to take this decision seriously especially after the concussion settlement agreed upon last week for retired NFL players. Knee injuries can be as life-altering as head injuries. Letting Suh get away with a few games off would not send the message that needs to be sent.

Analysts and fans alike figured Suh would get message following his first disciplinary suspension and change his ways, but after the Matt Schaub kick in 2012 and the block week 1 it is time to wake up players.

If I were Goodell, a fine or suspension for the knucklehead running the Lions would not be out of the question either. Jim Schwartz has coached a team that has had no issue playing to, through, and past the whistle with no consequence in-house. If coaches want to allow this type of play to have a place on Sundays, then let them know it will not be tolerated.

Suh has too much talent on a team that has playoff aspirations to be constantly putting himself on the line for suspensions. His teammates were not happy with his decision-making that cost him two games in 2011. Imagine their reaction if his piss-poor block Sunday costs him half of the 2013 season?

At this junction, Ndamukong Suh is nothing more than a punk ass player trying to push a line on safe play that cannot be pushed. Football is violent by nature, but Suh’s willingness to make a play dirty is despicable and should be treated with strict and swift action.

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