2013 Buccaneers NFL mock draft: all 7 rounds FINAL



This is a reader submission from an author who wishes to remain anonymous. Who will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft this April?

Well obviously, we’ll have to wait until Friday now with the Darrelle Revis deal done. Is he damaged goods? Do the New York Jets know something we don’t? The creator of this Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft mock is a dedicated fan who’s been a season ticket holder for 10 years. So he knows what he’s talking about.

You know who else is a dedicated Buccaneers fan? Kate Upton. That’s right, as you’ll see from the pic below and this post here, the world’s hottest woman, Kate Upton likes the Buccaneers.

She’s from St. Joseph, Michigan. Sorry Detroit Lions! Kate Upton is a big Michigan basketball fan. Kate Upton is also a big Michigan Wolverines football fan. Kate Upton could likely be a big Kate Upton fan too.

Enjoy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft composite, it covers all seven rounds.


2nd round: MARGUS HUNT (SMU)

3rd round: WILL DAVIS (Utah St.) or JJ WILCOX (Georgia Southern)
4th round: JAMIE COLLINS (Southern Mississippi)
4th round: JORDAN MILLS (Louisiana Tech)
5th round: CHRIS JONES (Bowling Green)
6th round: BRANDON THURMOND (Arkansas-Pine Bluff)
6th round: ABDUL KANNEH (New Mexico Highlands)
7th round: MIKE HERMANN (RPI) or JAKE MULLIN (Mcmurry)




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  1. C A Brayton says:

    Every pick defense, no team with the Buccaeers makeup would do that. Only offensive pick a QB that might not be used this year.

  2. T.B. has one 7th; one went to N.E. in the Talib trade IIRC.

  3. Nope

  4. HEY THIS IS MY MOCK DRAFT & IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DEAL WITH IT. WHAT DID THE BUCS SECONDARY DO LAST YEAR? NOTHING! THEY WILL DRAFT AT LEAST 2 CBs. They need another LB & OL. Bowers has been having problems off the field & has been battling injuries & Clayborn was out, too! They will draft at least 1 maybe 2 DEs. They should draft a DT & then theyll draft a QB. TELL ME WHERE YOU FIND THAT TO BE A PROBLEM? Thats 7 picks right there.

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