Miami Dolphins Season Preview with Michael Irvin

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So what does the 2014 season hold for the Miami Dolphins? Here to break it down is NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin.

It’s fitting that the NFL Network has both Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin as part of their on-air talent roster. Both of these phenomenal athletes helped define what today’s NFL truly is with their physical talents and outsized personalities. Sanders (exclusive with Neon Deion here) and Irvin established the precedent of what a National Football League superstar must be in today’s mass-marketed, mass media landscape.


To my younger readers, I hope you realize that without Neon Deion or Irvin, who came into the league at almost the exact time a quarter century ago, you just don’t have a Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis.

The Miami Dolphins discussion with Michael Irvin starts right around the 8:10 mark in this podcast and runs until the 11-12 mark.

Have a listen below.

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