VIDEO: Matt Schaub looking good so far with Oakland Raiders


Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub went from a potential great situation with the Houston Texans, although 2013 was a very poor indicator of that, to the Quarterback valley of lost souls. The Raider landscape is littered with names like Jeff George, JaMarcus Russell, and Carson Palmer.

It’s where you go to phase out, not  a stepping stone to a better situation.The Raiders are still a proud franchise, however they just cannot seem to get things rolling like they once did. Once upon a time the Raiders were Super Bowl champions in multiple decades. But those days are long gone and it is going to take the right people at the top of the food chain to turn things around.


A once proud organization such as this, shouldn’t be so consistently bad year after year. Especially in the parity level of NFL. The Raiders haven’t had a postseason appearance or an above .500 record since 2002, when they finished runner-up in the NFL. 12 years?? That’s Buffalo Bills or Arizona Cardinals level ineptitude.

The Raiders front office did everything they could to change things, as we had yet another last place finish in the home of M.C. Hammer. Will the 2014 edition be “too legit to quit?”

I really felt bad for Matt Schaub last season; having to endure all that crap from lunatic weirdo Texans fans that have nothing going on in their lives. Don’t cry for him too much though, as Oakland will pay him $8 million this year. Yes, now he was to deal with an even more lunatic fan base while playing with even less talent around him.

Is there hope? Well this post we did earlier indicates that there is. As does this video below:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Texans were horrible last year and Schaub has much more talent around him and to protect him and a better Defense as well. You sound like a hater.

  2. Terrence Healy says:

    RE:Yes, now he was to deal with an even more lunatic fan base while playing with even less talent around him.
    REALLY, do you even know the name of another player on the team besides Matt Schuab??? Marcel Reese??? THE RAIDERS NOW HAVE A SUPERIOR OFFENSIVE LINE, A SUPERIOR DEFENSIVE BACKFIELD. 4 Running backs, Key Vetrans that participated in Superbowls and ProBowls, does the name Janakowski mean anything?? The Raiders have a far better Team this year, well if you had done your homework you might know that

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