Matt Schaub responds to those who burned his jersey



Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has been rather bad at football this year. But he hasn’t been terrible. His numbers are blah, not horrendous. And Matt Schaub can’t be blamed for the 23rd in the NFL run defense Houston is sporting right now.

And for perspective sake, the Texans are 2-2, not 0-4. However, Matt Schaub had some interesting things to say in an exclusive interview airing tonight on Football Night in America.

On the scrutiny and criticism the past few weeks: “It’s been tough. Obviously a lot of times we get too much criticism, but also we get too much praise when things are going good. It just comes with the territory.”

On his reaction to fans burning his jersey in front of the stadium and the Matt Schaub “Pick 6” burger:

“For me, it was get right back in the film room, get right back out on the practice field, get the game plan down, and just get ready for San Francisco. That’s all I know. That’s all I can do. These obviously are passionate fans, so we’re just looking to erase the past few weeks with a win.”

Matt Schaub added some cliches too, but I’ll spare you that mind-numbing prose. The Pick 6 burger is funny, I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s a so-called “free enterprise system” right?

However, the Matt Schaub jersey burning seems extreme to me. That’s a not just “passionate” fandom. That’s meathead obsessed, meatball NFL fandom.

Schaub and the Texans take on the San Francisco 49ers tonight on NBC.

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  1. Not your fault Matt. Your Coach should have replaced you years ago instead of trying to build a team around you and trying to make you think that you were better then you are. Or better yet, understood your weaknesses and strengths and built a team to work with your strengths. Passing is not one of them obviously. He should have picked up on better RB’s and we could be running the ball instead of exposing your bad passing. Or maybe he did and your still passing?

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