Lindsey Vonn’s Tim Tebow golf outing, Kentucky Derby photos


The greatest woman skiier in American history, Lindsey Vonn was the subject of media rumors a month or so ago connecting her to Tim Tebow. Then it was connecting her almost-equally-as-hot-as-her sister to Tebow.

None of these relationship rumors panned out, but just minutes ago Vonn posted some pics of her, her sister and Tebow from that golf outing.  As well as the Tiger Woods golf outing and last weekend’s Kentucky Derby, to her Facebook page.

Here’s a preview:


You’ll also see Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers in the album. Vonn tweeted:

Finally got a chance to post some pics from events I did this past month. Hope you guys like them. Just got to Europe and started my vacation with my two sisters!! I’ll try to post a lot of pics :) Xo Lv

Here’s the ALBUM


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