Lawrence Taylor calls Boomer Esiason a dickhead



I know my loyal fanbase of Chicago Bears fans aren’t that keen on Boomer Esiason right now. After all, Norman Julius Esiason said that he took a poll of his NFL pundit colleagues and people in the league, and found that there were 20 quarterbacks in the league that pollsters would prefer over Bears QB Jay Cutler.

Then he said Jay Cutler was this generation’s Jeff George. As inaccurate as these assertions were, Boomer Esiason is just doing his job as a CBS Analyst, getting people to talk about Boomer Esiason.

And if you, the Bears fan were angry at him, or perhaps still are, Lawrence Taylor lashed out at him- just not over that. LT went off over a different issue.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“What the hell you got Boomer Esiason on something that — a piece you do of me? We can’t stand each other, he don’t know a fuck about me. What the hell’s he doing on it?” Taylor said on WMEN 640AM with Sid Rosenberg.

“First of all, Boomer’s a dickhead,” Taylor added. “Hey, listen. I remember when he was there running the streets, screwing all kind of hoes. Don’t give me that holier than thou shit. I don’t wanna hear that shit. . . . He gets off on it. He’s still talking about me. I ain’t talking about him.”


Obviously Lawrence Taylor is not fond of Boomer Esiason. And Boomer Esiason is clearly not the biggest fan of Lawrence Taylor. Boomer is featured in a documentary on LT’s career, and during his spot he was highly critical of Taylor’s debauched and degenerate lifestyle. Mostly Boomer Esiason was highly critical of how LT got away with being a wild man off the field while other players were reprimanded. So he went after the double standard.


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