Jason Witten Knocks Down Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (Video)



What is up with Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten? You don’t treat the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, America’s Sweethearts this way! After catching a very ugly, wobbly pass from Tony Romo, Witten gets out of bounds, and takes down an insanely hot brunette with his right arm.

As he falls down, he sticks his arm out and takes her down with her.

Oh, and you can see a lot of photos inside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader locker room by going here.

And you can watch Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver David Nelson give the ball, after scoring a touchdown to his Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader girlfriend Kelsi Reich.

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  1. Despiser25 says:

    See what happens when you let woman in Football, the media and Politics… Drama and emotion based on some made up “slight” by drama queens with an internet connection is ruining Football… The “tebow effect” on these freaks is sickening. First they prop him up then they tear him down. All created in some sick Liberals mind…

  2. captainkona says:

    The author is a friggin idiot. Witten is a fine young man. He was clearly forced into the young lady by the Miami player (unintentionally) and even stopped to apologize to the gal. Tough lady bucked right up.

    Give up writing and get a job, pansy.

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