Indianapolis Colts schedule out; Andrew Luck to immediately face top pass rushers



Welcome to the NFL Andrew Luck! Your initiation will be a brisk one, as you and your Indianapolis Colts teammates will face a couple of the league’s most elite pass rushers right off the bat. In week one Mr. Luck and his Colts teammates travel to Chicago to face the Bears and fearsome DE Julius Peppers. The next week the opponent is the Minnesota Vikings and the manliest man in the NFL, Jared Allen.

Have fun with that! Bring your protection. And I’m not talking about condoms.

Things get a little bit easier with the Jacksonsville Jaguars in week three and the Bye in week four. Although maybe not, I think Bye has a monster creating pressure at the three technique, as well as this nasty 295 speed rusher coming off the end. Luck and his offensive line will also square off against Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley and the Detroit Lions on December 2nd.

It should be a tough season for first year head coach Chuck Pagano, and Colts fans in general, as they probably won’t content for the AFC NASCAR division title. And my referring to the AFC South as the AFC Nascar division is not meant to be condescending despite how some people take it. I take auto racing seriously- note my coverage of the sport on this site.

Life after Peyton Manning will not go smoothly at first.

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