Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers at 6 to 1 odds for the Madden Curse







Green Bay Packers fans are anxiously waiting for April 25th when they will learn whether their MVP Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be donned with the infamous Madden Curse.

Rodgers recently defeated the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice in a bracket competition (as voted by fans) to join fellow semifinalists WR Calvin Johnson, QB Cam Newton and LB Patrick Willis.

According to, Rodgers (6:1) is a slight underdog this week when he takes on Johnson or as most know him as Megatron (5:2). On the other side of the bracket, Newton (2:5) has emerged as the favorite to topple Willis (12:1).

If you don’t believe in the Madden Curse, then you just haven’t been paying attention to the NFL over the years. The hugely popular video game from Electronic Arts has caused some fairly memorable (or not memorable) years for the superstars lucky (or not lucky) enough to grace the cover:

(1999) RB Garrison Hearst – Broke his ankle and never returned to form in his career.
(2000) RB Dorsey Levens – Released by the Packers later that year.
(2001) RB Eddie George – Marked the decline of George’s career.
(2002) QB Daunte Culpepper – Broke the NFL Record for most fumbles in a season.
(2003) RB Marshall Faulk – Never surpassed 1,000 rushing yards ever again.
(2004) QB Michael Vick – Broke his fibula and there was that dog-fighting thing.
(2005) LB Ray Lewis – Broke his wrist in week 15 and it was the only season where he didn’t record an INT.
(2006) QB Donovan McNabb – Torn ACL and meniscus, ouch!
(2007) RB Shaun Alexander – Sustained a foot injury which kept him out six games.
(2008) QB Vince Young – Had an alright year, but later would be hit by the curse if you know what I mean.
(2009) QB Brett Favre – Banished from the Packers and don’t forget Jenn Sterger (TSB is forever grateful).
(2010) S Troy Polomalu/WR Larry Fitzgerald – Polomalu was injured all season and Fitzgerald had a respectable year. Maybe two players should be on it every year?
(2011) QB Drew Brees – Doubled his interceptions and the Saints were knocked out of the playoffs by the 7-9 Seahawks.
(2012) RB Peyton Hills – Was an absolute mess, what else is there to say?

Rodgers looks to join Favre and Levens as the third Packers player ever to be on the video game’s cover.

So, if you want to vote for the cover of Madden, I would go with an anti-vote and go against your favorite players. If history means anything, you will be doing your favorite team a significant favor.

Who do you think will be on the cover of Madden 2013? Is the Curse legit or do you still not believe? Let me know by commenting below!

Nick Grays is a senior writer at the Sports Bank where he covers the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers. He also enjoys to share Fantasy Advice from time-to-time. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here or visit his blog Nick Knows Best.



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  1. Rodgers is so good he can’t be cursed.

  2. Leeann Boone says:

    Well given what I just read up there ^^ I’d say it’s more than a curse! It’s the kiss of death!

  3. David Wendorf says:

    The nature of the game of football leads to injuries as well as up and down seasons. Madden covers are selected based upon a player’s latest achievements. If we were to take a poll on all NFL players, I believe we’d find the vast majority of them suffer let downs of some sort after their best seasons. Curse shmurse! Rodgers all the way this year. Anyone else would be an injustice to the selection system.

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