Ageless Faith Hill and Sunday Night NFL part ways (video)



Faith Hill does not age. At all. Ever.

Can you believe Faith Hill is 45? She looks 25.

She’s the polar opposite of Christina Aguilera, who seems to be aging very rapidly. Hill and Pamela Anderson are about the same age yet Anderson looks about two decades older than Hill. Faith Hill has been doing the NFL “waiting all day for Sunday night” theme on NBC ever since the peacock regained broadcast rights in 2006. However, it’s “Faith No More” as Faith Hill won’t be doing the theme this fall.

Will Carrie Underwood replace Faith Hill? Who knows? Her replacement is all speculation at this point.

Today Faith Hill announced on her Facebook page that she’s parted ways with SNF, calling it a “difficult” and “emotional” decision.

“Amazing 2 have been part of SNF – an honor. I’ve just let everyone there know it’s time 2 let someone else rock the open. Difficult decision. Kinda emotional. Love all u guys at SNF – I’ll b watching!!!” Hill wrote.

Here’s the intro work of Faith Hill


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  1. Just, just……GODAMMITSOMUCH!!!

  2. Faith Hill kept us sunday football fanatic’s young at heart .

  3. paulmbanks says:

    she’s got legs! and knows how to use them!

  4. Actually, she ages just like everybody else, Paul, but you don’t have the sense to know when you’re being conned. The photos you see of her in magazines are ridiculously airbrushed and photo-shopped (there was one notable Redbook cover photo five years ago that was exposed as being bogus, and she’s aged five more years since then), and the videos of her preceding Sunday night football games were so outrageously computer-generated, her fake legs might as well have belonged to a Cyborg.

  5. “Ageless?” I guess I’m in the minority that will NOT be sorry to see her leave. Extremely overrated.

  6. paulmbanks says:

    yeah, but all stars get the photo-shop, cgi, air brush etc treatment. and they all get professional hair, make-up photogs etc. It’s an illusion for everyone

  7. Anthony Boone says:

    An over-rated “star” butchering a classic Joan Jett song. Maybe now they’ll get someone with real talent.

  8. Federalist 78 says:

    Actually, Pink sang the theme song NBC’s first year with the telecast

  9. Google “Faith Hill LAX” and see what Tim McGraw REALLY wakes up with in the morning….YIKES!

  10. Precious926 says:

    Forget all the sourpus comments, Faith Hill is a beautiful woman who rocked that song and intro for the past 6 years. Personally I will miss her getting me ready for SNF, the intro always got me hyped up for the game. Some of you WISH you looked that good at 45, lmao!! Haters always have to talk trash about people for no reason.

  11. Streaming Sports Talk says:

    This is a shame. I really liked Faith doing the opening she brought class to Sunday night Football. She also is one heck of a good singer too.

  12. Actually, Pink sang the theme song that first year back in ’06. And I much preferred her version.

  13. Bring on Katie Perry !!

  14. she is nice to look at BUT WE NEED HANK!!!
    no apologies…if you do not like what he says, deal with it!!
    what ever happened to majority rules? if one person MAY be offended, then this will never be posted. GROW UP an GROW A PAIR!!


    She was so good at doing the intro. It actually made it worth watching. You couldn’t find a better and more attractive person to fill her shoes. Very few women look better as they get older but she does. It’s easy to understand why people would be so jealous of her. I assume most will not care to catch the opening any longer considering the only thing that made it watchable has just left.

  16. harrylime says:

    Actually, Pink did the intro during the first SNF season.

  17. Kayser Souze says:

    Isn’t the song a ripoff of Joa Jett’s “I hate myself for loving you”?

  18. Thank God! I am so glad she’s gone. Ageless? Hardly. Her skirts just keep getting shorter and she keeps moving her legs just a little further apart to distract us from that butter face. Good riddance Faith

  19. guess someone who cares about her came up to her and said” Faith , that snf song u do is just awful! and so so corny, distance urself from it asap!” that was the worst intro! it was like being force fed cow shiz! i had to turn it off while it was played b4 every sunday night game, seriously! so glad its gone

  20. Patrick T. says:

    Nothing got me less in the mood to watch SNF than Faith Hill.
    Female vocalists don’t exactly exude the kind of energy that is represented on the football field.
    Hank was way too old and out dated for the gig anymore, regardless of the comments that he made.
    Time to get a fresh band in their to do it right, NOT a female vocalist, Foo Fighters would be my first and only choice

  21. NFL FANatic says:

    OMG A.J. you must be out of your mind!!! Those legs are smokin’ hot!!! Patrick T. You must have HATED Pink!!!
    If they bring in Carrie Underwood, it would be a complete disservice to NFL fans (male and female). Plus her husband may not wish her to play the part and she will respect that. (Blechhh)
    George D. – HANK was the BOMB – no doubt. But as the years go on and in the grand 45 second scheme of things, Faith did fill the void very well.

  22. Paco Martinez says:

    Since the JETs starting QB (Mark SACKME Sanchez) can’t pass, can’t drop back w/o getting sacked; can’t scramble—Maybe he can sing? His bio sez he plays guitar. Let Mark Sackchez do the opening of Sunday Night Football !! And all you chauvinists out there just want a woman to sing it. shame on you.
    Well, Sackchez won’t be the starting QB this season despite his huge salary contract.
    The Jets have 5 qbs and the NFL Draft hasn’t happened yet. Maybe the JETS can pick-up a few more QBs off the waiver wire and then draft a couple qbs. LOL

  23. paulmbanks says:

    I agree with the sentiments that this is about football, not politics. But once you put something out there like that. Like Hank did, you can’t take it back.

    And Katy Perry- oh hell yes! I support the idea.

  24. Faith Hill at LAX is all you need to Google if you think this woman is ageless. Without makeup, she looks like a 60 year old crackhead.

  25. I can’t agree more with the google her at LAX! Smoke and mirrors do magic, and it has been widely reported that the extreme weight loss aka called “scarey skinny” by her and her once hunky husband are a result of some rather bad substances. It’s also been reported in more than 3 reputable places that they are no longer even living in the same home any longer; she is said to have been “seeing things” at the beautiful house in the country they had. He is there; she is in a new place in town. She was once a very good singer and person; now it appears the “Hollywood” scene has gotten to both of them, and this is a shame. I certainly hope it is not true, but the photos of her do not lie. There was absolutely no reason that either of them had to turn into skeletons, I mean they have 3 lovely daughters to care about as well!

  26. Faith has legs from here to Mississippi. She will be missed on this guys big screen

  27. Faith Hill is testimony to the fact that if you don’t party your brains out every night like most of those showbiz types, and if you take advantage of all the health and beauty resources available when you have that kind of money, you can stay hot for a great deal longer than anyone would think. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, exercise, and use the high-end beauty products and services, and you’ll still look young when you’re middle-aged, and middle-aged when you’re old. Seen Raquel Welch recently? 72 and she’s still smoking hot–like what Charlie Harper would call a doable 40!

  28. Please. The computer generated imagery of her fake legs had gotten so freakin’ ridiculous, her torso looked like it was being yanked and pulled by Jim Henson.

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