Packers Eddie Lacy NOT as FAT as Twitter pic indicates (video evidence)



Eddie Lacy of the Alabama Crimson Tide ended up a 2nd round NFL Draft pick, and the fourth running back taken. The Green Bay Packers were rumored to be interested in Montee Ball, but didn’t get the chance to take him and opted to select Alabama’s Eddie Lacy 61st overall, just three picks later. Lacy showed up to his first NFL training camp as a big disgusting, fat, Jabba the Hut like blob.

Or at least that’s the sports media reaction to one pic that conveyed he gained some weight. But \upon further review…


Well, how did this picture happen? Actually, he’s in fine shape.

Look at this Vine of Eddie Lacy in action and another picture of him, from the same exact day, and you’ll see the rookie out of Alabama is conditioned. He looks just like the guy who owned the national title game and DOMINATED Notre Dame 6 months ago. Maybe this whole incident will make an anecdote in the next Packers history book; like the one SI releases tomorrow.



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  1. This is one of the most ridiculous topics of the year. Eddy Lacy is a big guy but he’s not fat. Look at pics of Jerome Bettis. He was a fat guy.

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