Inside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Locker Room (photos)


The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are the world’s most famous cheerleading squad. Not just in the NFL, but the entire world; including NBA dance teams, college football and college basketball. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, or “America’s Sweethearts,” as they’re known in Texas, are a group with a more stringent selection process than Princeton University.

Well, mathematically speaking anyway.

Princeton admissions has a 11% acceptance rate. (Yes I knew that BEFORE the Tina Fey Paul Rudd movie came out) The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders had 2,400 girls try out for 34 spots. Yes, you were told that there would be no math in this post. And given the intro picture of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, who wants to think about math.

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Check out the habitat devoted exclusively to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders within Jerry Jones’ $1.2 billion behemoth of a stadium. (Which happens to be the world’s largest stadium not supported by any columns, hence no obstructed view seats- according to the tour guide)

The locker room includes a whiteboard, presumably for whatever formations and plays the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders run.

Perhaps the most famous, or “infamous” (quoting the people of Santa Poco describing El Guapo to the “Three Amigos”) squad member is Whitney Isleib, the cheerleader who got into hot water a couple years ago for dressing as rapper Lil Wayne for Halloween, including “blackface” and posting pics of her costume on Facebook.

You can learn more about that here.

Because Whitney is somewhat notorious like B.I.G., I made sure to get a close-up pic of her locker.

dallas cowboys cheerleaders


As mandated my NFL bylaws, every cheer squad must include at least one member named Crystal.


dallas cowboys cheerleaders

dallas cowboys cheerleaders

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  2. paulmbanks says:

    I do too. is that Jon Moxon starting QB for the West Canaan Coyotes? fill-in for lance Harbor?

  3. i Have one too

  4. Ty Washington says:

    That blonde one at the top. Man, I would totally go down on that ass! Yum!


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