Cowboys Stadium Lap Dance Video: Why the Terrorists Hate Us


I hope we can stop referring to the Dallas Cowboys as “America’s Team.” Because any team that has disgusting white trash like this sitting in their front row, the most expensive seats in the NFL…well it doesn’t reflect very well on the team, the league or our country.

And seriously, whatever happened to simply calling out people like this for being classless and disgusting trash? Being an “elitist” is not such a bad thing in cases like this. If you can’t make fun of a girl with a tramp stamp on the front of her torso, who wears a leopard bra and lap dances her boyfriend in full view of 80,000 people…then the P.C. movement, as it relates to class issues, has gotten way out of control.

Just watch the video below, and you’ll see why the terrorists truly hate us:

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  1. send me your sex picturs of girls

  2. paulmbanks says:

    My ex would have to do some of the worst things imaginable to me for I to even consider leaking those. sorry

  3. What scares me is that ignorant people like you label millions of people because of the actions of one person. You are the reason terrorists hate us, not some drunk girl in the stands of a football game hamming it up for the camera. And those seats are nowhere near the most expensive seats in Cowboys Stadium, let alone in the NFL. It’s clear the author has no clue what he’s/she’s talking about.

  4. It’s just an expression. chill out. I know the real reasons the terrorists hate us- our military bases present in their homelands and our military/financial support of Israel.

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