Four QBs the Chicago Bears might draft in the middle rounds



We know the Chicago Bears will have to go defense in the first round of the NFL Draft. And they probably will go that side of the ball in round two as well. However, they also do need to look at viable back-up options at the quarterback position. Jay Cutler will be the most well paid player in the NFL next season at $22.5 million.

So it follows that who’s behind him is very cheap, and well rather inferior. They might as well have Jordan Knight as their #2 as much as they have Jordan Palmer. And Jerrod Johnson is not going to be on any NFL roster. At least he doesn’t deserve to be. Time to look at some legitimate back-up options through the draft.

1. AJ McCarron 

How far he falls depends on what scouts think of his so-called size issues. He might be there in the third round for Chicago if enough teams feel his height is too much of a liability. Mr. Katherine Webb has a real chip on his shoulder in this draft because he feels slighted over all his success; his team success. Does that make sense? He feels like Bama’s tremendous amount of wins and NFL talent around him has made him underrated.

Is he right? Well, he’s succeeding at trying to emulate the Birdman, Kris Andersen in the NBA with all his excessive ink that he’s had done. Bears probably won’t be able to grab him in round four. By the way, Webb is still the most overrated “hottie” or “celebrity” in human history.


2. Zach Mettenberger

Another SEC QB, this one with some health issues. And he could struggle with adjusting to certain pro offenses. Might be a good value pick for Chicago on day two.

3. Aaron Murray

SEC again. And health issues again too. You gotta root for this guy though. His team was a total M*A*S*H* unit by the end of the season and he was the last guy standing. He played through the pain as long as he could while all of his supporting cast fell. Murray also received way too much flak than he deserved. People were way too hard on him; but that’s life playing college football in the south.


4Jimmy Garoppolo

Had his pro day at Northwestern and the Eastern Illinois impressed his onlookers. And that list of onlookers was impressive too; including Houston Texans Coach Bill O’Brien. Of the four QBs on this list, he’s the most likely to not be available in round three.

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