Kristin Cavallari engages Jay Cutler Twitter hater



Kristin Cavallari should know better than to engage Twitter trolls and haters. And I don’t think anyone should call this call a “troll” because he said something really funny; even though he was rather unfair on Kristin Cavallari

K-Cav is a big time “reality” star, so she should continue staying above the fray. Oh, and Stay close to Twitter today when the results are announced. It’s going to be compelling tweet viewing. The “Jay Cutler is not tough” Ship of Fools is about to make its 2nd voyage, if it hasn’t already.

It will be fun to watch once it set sails again. Also fun to watch is Kristin Cavallari smacking down a hate-tweet and blocking this guy.


Just before the Bears quarterback/her husband went down with a groin injury, wife Kristin Cavallari tweeted to a fan about hair extensions. A hostile Twitter user attacked Kristin Cavallari for being shallow and superficial, and not caring enough about her husband’s health. She smacked him back, and blocked him.



As per usual with these things, the common everyday person got more involved in this “Twitter beef” and stays on it much longer than the “celebrity,” who has better things to do with their time. Likewise Kristin Cavallari checked out of this convo while Justin tried to escalate it.



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  1. Names not important says:

    Who says he was hostile? Great journalism when you put some nice bias in there. Was it just so you could put some kind of spin on your story.? Well obliviously you have to put some kind of spin on it since you’re a Fox affiliate…and to top it off you just based a story on twitter comments. Don’t bother responding back I just wanted you to know that

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