Jay Cutler supporter LASHES OUT in comments section



Jay Cutler is one of those quarterbacks, like Tommy Rees or Jordan Lynch, which elicit very strong feelings from fans. Or anti-fans. Or I could just say that Jay Cutler brings out the football stupid. This beauty of a comment comes to us from “Anonymous.” (Don’t they all?) And it was made in reference to the Jay Cutler surly and terse presser post that got 3,000 page views this week.

Enjoy this response it hits all the hostile internet commenter cliches: ALL CAPS, not understand “you’re” vs “your,” extreme lewdness, bad punctuation, and a snarky insult at the end.


IDIOTS!! So sick and tired of the pussy ass Chicago media hating on Jay Cutler just cause he is smarter then they are. ” I play offense ” that’s what everyone is all upset about? Get a life!

He is concerned about Dom Capers and their defense. That’s his mindset. Why is he being asked about Rodgers? Is Rodgers gonna be involved in the pass rush? TO ALL OF THE MEDIA. STUPID QUESTIONS DESERVE STUPID ANSWERS!

Ok, I know that you’re mommy said that your good looking and smart and that everything you do is perfect.



Again, this is why I don’t answer comments. Ever. But I do turn them into individual posts, when they’re this good; like Jay Cutler guy. Or this similarly awesome Jordan Lynch guy.

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