AUDIO: Jay Cutler gives extremely terse and surly press conference



Jay Cutler has been called many derogatory names during his four years with the Chicago Bears. We’ll just stick to the family-friendly adjectives in this post. We’re not going to name call or use insults. Jay Cutler has a tendency to be rather surly, insouciant, condescending, cold, terse, apathetic and even rude to the media at times. This is one of those times. (And those words are not “insults,” they are adjectives. You may find them “insulting,” but remember there’s a world of difference between saying someone acted in a certain way versus calling them a certain name)

Today at Halas Hall, Cutty well, here’s an opinion from a journalist who was there, Rafer Weigel of ABC 7 Chicago:



I agree, this may indeed be the final time we hear Jay Cutler speak at Halas Hall. Ever.

To listen to Jay Cutler be standoffish, even by his own standoffish standards, skip to the 13 minute mark and listen to 17 minutes. Courtesy of WSCR Chicago 670 The Score. Of course, the whole podcast is good, so listen to the whole thing if you have time. The commentary after #CuttyDoesIt at the 17 minute mark by co-hosts Dan Bernstein and Barry Rozner (filling fin or the usual co-host Terry Boers) is really good as well.

Cutler when asked about Aaron Rodgers returning: “I play offense.”

Cutty when asked about his future: “I have enough on my plate with Green Bay.”


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  1. IDIOTS!! So sick and tired of the pussy ass Chicago media hating on Jay Cutler just cause he is smarter then they are. ” I play offense ” that’s what everyone is all upset about? Get a life! He is concerned about Dom Capers and their defense. That’s his mindset. Why is he being asked about Rodgers? Is Rodgers gonna be involved in the pass rush? TO ALL OF THE MEDIA. STUPID QUESTIONS DESERVE STUPID ANSWERS! Ok, I know that you’re mommy said that your good looking and smart and that everything you do is perfect. SHE LIED!

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