Graphic Sex jokes highlight Jay Cutler episode of The League



The Jay Cutler guest star episode of “The League” began with a man talking to another man at the urinal, at a high end Chicago restaurant on the Near North side. And with Cutler being a guest star, for a split second I thought the FXX sitcom, might actually be going  somewhere with this.

Sadly, they did not go there.

However, right off the bat the show’s main character, Kevin did say the words labia minora and labia majora. At a day care playground no less.

So there’s that.


Viewer discretion advised.

Then it cut back to Gibson’s Steakhouse; located in the Viagra Triangle section of Chicago. Just like in the opening minutes of the show, there was some low-brow conversation in a high brow establishment. When Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari (playing themselves) had their first speaking lines, K-Cav made a reference to breast milk, and Cutler said “this whole playground looks like a sex act.”

Which led into a dream sequence that featured a joke about wife-swapping.

And that was pretty much the highlights of the program, in my opinion. Jay did pretty well in his acting debut; well, he exceeded expectations. Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jay Cutler performed well in a sitcom. He shows a fair amount of acting skill in that NFL merchandise spot he has.


As for the actual plot to the show, and the comic storylines that comprise the bread-and-butter of The League…I never really checked in. I enjoyed the overt sex jokes out of the gate, but once I learned the show centers around fantasy football, and this episode’s plot was based on farting protocol, I totally checked out. I can’t stand fantasy football. I can’t stand hearing about fantasy football. and I don’t do fart jokes.

And I didn’t even know FXX even existed until last night. I barely knew FX was still around. So the network did get my attention. And after they lost it, they briefly got me interested again via a Snoop Dogg cameo appearance.

Alright, so the show wasn’t funny at all, but Jay Cutler did a decent job with his role.

This post is intended for mature audiences only. With low standards for entertainment.

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