Bears 2nd round pick Ego Ferguson: Chicago fans to become egomaniacs?


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Ego Ferguson the Younger has lived his life with the same first name as Ego Ferguson the Elder. (according to my friend Mike Ragz of 95.7 The Fan’s Ragz and the Bartender) I guess if Ferguson’s Dad had to endure all the Freudian puns, then so will his son. Does Ego Ferguson has siblings named Id and Superego?……..

…….I’ll show myself out.

Okay, now we’ll get to talking football, with the Chicago Bears selecting the big boy out of LSU to try and strengthen their Defensive Tackle depth, we’ll find out this fall if Bears fans become Egomaniacs, or have their Ego deflated. Okay, I know I said no more puns, I lied.

This time I mean it.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. expressed some concern when the Bears took Ego Ferguson on Friday night. And he was asked about it on conference call Monday.


“Well, he had a heck of year, better than Anthony Johnson, who went undrafted. He’s a better athlete than Johnson, he has better closing ability than Johnson,” said Kiper.

“The issue I had was how much of a pass rush is he going to give you, (Will) Sutton, two years ago was really good, this year fell back with the weight gain and all of that. I thought Ferguson was a fourth, they took him in the second it’s not that big a deal, he fits what they do.”

Will Sutton was the Bears third round pick out of ASU, and between him and Ego Ferguson, we’re thinking one of the two will pan out, or should pan out?

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LSU recruits some of the top defensive linemen in the nation. Some of these recruits contribute a lot during their time in Baton Rouge; others do not. A lot of these highly rated LSU D Linemen get drafted based on their measurables and physical traits, ahead of their on the field production. Some then prosper in the NFL; others flame out. How will the story of Ego Ferguson play out?

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