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CBS NFL analyst Bart Scott is from the Midwest. Originally, from Detroit, Scott is familiar with Chicago, having played in the NFL for 11 seasons. He also did his college ball at SIU. Bart Scott is known as being opinionated; and he’s taken the media to task on a few occasions.

This serves him well with his NFL pregame show gig on CBS Sports. I had an exclusive with him at NFL on CBS Media Day.

And we talked Chicago Bears too. Of course.

(Editor’s note: This is being re-published from last year. Dude, it’s a Saturday in summertime, how much original content do you expect me to do today?)


“I think with Alshon Jeffrey coming back, it gives them a tremendous one-two punch with Brandon Marshall, and now it allows Bennett, who I think is an underrated tight end to work the middle of the field,” Bart Scott said.

“And Forte, I always say he’s Faulkish because he gives you a Marshall Faulk type of feel because he can catch the ball, and he’s fluid, and it doesn’t look like he’s running fast, but he makes good cuts. He’s a strider.”

And then I brought up Jay Cutler. Like the 2pac album “All Eyez on Me,” that’s the theme for Cutler this year.

“It’s either put up or shut up for him,” Bart Scott said.

“We’ll see. I think them not giving him an extension is really saying this is your defining year. We put the weapons around you, we invested in an offensive line. I think they’ll come up with something creative to protect him. All teams have flaws, so they’re going to have to figure out how they’ll tweak the system, turn the protection, but if you give Cutler time, he’ll make all the throws,” he said.

“He has a strong arm, and tremendous confidence in Marshall, and I think Bennett will be great because he’s so big. People don’t realize how big he is, he can just box guys out and maintain possession keep the chains moving,” Bart Scott said.

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