Grassroots movement to remove Aaron Rodgers Superfans Advertisement



If you watch the NFL at all, you’re used to State Farm banging you over the head with the Aaron Rodgers “Discount Double Check” advertisements. This is a problem, especially if you want to watch NFL games while they’re live, like most people. Instead of DVRing them and skipping through the advertisements.

Last year, if you watched even a handful of pro football games, then you GOT SICK OF the Aaron Rodgers Elementary school ad in a hurry. Yet State Farm continued to beat a dead horse.

It’s going to happen again this year with the Aaron Rodgers sitting on a plane with “Da Bears” guys. Luckily, there’s already a grassroots movement to stop it!



Their message:

State Farm recently aired a new “Discount Double Check” commercial featuring SNL’s Superfans and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. They are being nice to each other and even made brats for Aaron Rodgers. This is blasphemy and needs to be taken off the air immediately. I know both Packers and Bears fans can get behind this. The media needs to know you can’t just put anything on the air and think that it is ok. Please sign this petition and stand up for what is right.


On top of State Farm OVERPLAYING their ad, and it’s unrealistic and stupid to portray Bears die hards hanging out with the Packers QB, and that bit stopped being funny over 20 years ago, and it’s offensive to Chicagoans, and no one from Chicago actually talks that way, and…well, let’s just get this Aaron Rodgers ad pulled ASAP.

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