2012 NFL Mock Draft 11-2-11

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  1. Browns Fan says:

    The Browns have zero needs at DT and SS aside from depth. They have Rubin and lasts year 1st Round Pick Phil Taylor at DT and both have been playing good, no need to be replaced. TJ Ward is starting at SS and he wont be replaced either.

    Then you have them selecting a NT when they run a 4-3, and like I said they have no need to draft a DT at all this year. The only position on the whole front four that may need upgrading is RE and thats not even that big of a need, only the top BPA without being able to trade down would be worth drafting here.

    CB is a huge need, Brown is losing it though Haden is becoming a shut down corner. FS is a need because while Young is playing well he is also old. Biggest need on defense is LB because all or old or not good. Zach Brown and Vontaze Burfict would be ideal in the 1st, Jenkins or Minnifield in the 2nd would literally complete are defense assuming they turn out as good as our amazing drafts in 09 and 10. This defense was literally built in two years and we have found 4 quality starters in that time. Only a few positions need to be addressed and upgraded via youth and this draft is set up perfectly for us to do that if we so choose to.

    Offensive needs in the 1st few rounds are RT, RG, LG and WR. We do need another RB and if Richardson can catch he is ideal for us, but he is still a RB and not worth drafting with our 1st overall pick. WRs arent likely going to be drafted in the 1st by us unless they fall and Burfict, Brown, Coples, Claiborne etc… arent there and it would have to be Blackmon or Jeffry. A QB will be drafted but not high. TE is not a need at all.

    With the opportunity to complete our defense and have it be elite for years to come its just to good a opportunity to pass up by drafting offense. WRs wont help without a OT or really a QB and in this offense WRs arent going to ever be worth drafting high unless its one of the last positions that need to be filled(pure WCO, lots of short passes).

    Just trying to help you out, it does look dumbing saying DT and SS is a need, especially when DE would have been better to say and FS and CBs are big needs.

  2. paulmbanks says:

    I appreciate your detail, zeal, and info. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your keep visiting in the future

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