Christian McCaffrey Projects as a Top 15 pick; Eagles, Colts, Panthers Likely Landing Spots


Former Stanford Cardinal running back Christian McCaffrey has been a hot topic since the 2015 college football season, when he became the Heisman Trophy runner-up.

Shortly before the NFL scouting combine, McCaffrey made it clear that he wanted to impress coaches at a multitude of positions.

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Notre Dame Quarterback DeShone Kizer Suffers Major NFL Draft Stock Slide

deshone kizer

It really is a shame what’s happened to former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer, because he’s an individual that you truly want to root for. The Toledo area native was listed consistently among the top three in an overwhelming majority of NFL mock drafts all season long.

Looking at all the mocks this past fall and winter, and you would see the name DeShone Kizer as #1 or #2 overall, certainly top five at least, in almost every single one. However, once we entered the offseason and thus the NFL draft evaluative period, Kizer’s stock dropped like shares of United Airlines.

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2018 NFL Mock Draft Version 1.0


Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft, version 1.0! Order was based on an amalgam of NFL power rankings from across the internet. If you have issue with the order, well so do many others. That’s what the comments section is for! Just keep it above board and professional in your criticism.

Team needs were not taken into account and it’s just too early. You can check out our 2017 NFL mock draft at this link, but bear in mind that our mock projections were not taking into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft either.

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2017 NFL Mock Draft 4-18-17


Time for another 2017 NFL mock draft update….and for the first time ever, our 2018 NFL mock draft!

The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NBA mock draft, (NBA round two), 2017 MLB mock draft and 2017 NHL mock draft coming soon.

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ESPN 30 for 30: Top 20 of All Time List


Rating the best films in the ESPN 30 for 30 series is a highly debatable endeavor, as there are so many great documentaries to choose from. Click the title where highlighted for a review/feature on that specific film.

A year ago, I would have told you that there’s Hillsborough, the college football docs, and then there’s everything else. Still true, except now there’s Laettner, which towers above everything else.

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Baltimore Ravens: What Should they do at Pick No. 16?


Coming off of a beyond disappointing 8-8 season, the Baltimore Ravens have some serious work to do in the 2017 NFL draft.

Perhaps the biggest hole the team has to fill is at the wide receiver position. After all, quarterback Joe Flacco is going to need some better weapons to help him move the offense down the field. The Ravens don’t exactly have many at this point, and they have had one of the weakest groups of receivers in the league for some time now.

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Deshaun Watson Could be the Chicago Bears Anti-Jay Cutler


Opinions on the NFL Draft stock of former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson are extremely polarized. Many find the winner of all winners and achiever of all achievers in this quarterback class as the #1 signal caller available.

Others see a spread-formation quarterback, who will have issues adjusting to life as a primary pocket passer. It’s not just an issue for Deshaun Watson, but all former spread QBs. It’s a question that he just couldn’t answer at the NFL Scouting Combine, because the event doesn’t lend itself to doing so.

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How Would Mitch Trubisky fit in with the Chicago Bears?

mitch trubisky

Former North Carolina Quarterback Mitch Trubisky asked people to start calling him Mitchell during the Scouting Combine this past weekend. Okay, how about we call him Mitchell, but then give him a nickname, I suggest “Mitch.”

Mitchell, or well we’ll just stick with Mitch Trubisky for now, is rated the third quarterback on the board for NFL Network Draft guru Mike Mayock.

“He’s polished,” Mayock said when he met the media during the combine availability post QB workouts.

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Pitt RB James Conner is the Most Inspirational 2017 NFL Draft Prospect


You can heat your home from the takes we heard on LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey this past bowl cycle. However, Pittsburgh‘s James Conner is a stellar running back pro prospect who flew under the radar in this past news cycle.

Conner made up his mind to declare for the draft after the regular season ended and before he suiting up and played in the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium.

“James Conner, he is a legacy player at Pitt,” says Head Coach Pat Narduzzi after the bowl game, Conner’s final collegiate game. “He’s been an inspiration to everybody. He’s going to have a heckuva NFL career, I’ll tell you that.”

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2017 NFL mock draft 12-22-16


In our 2017 NFL mock draft, we based the order on the actual current order as of December 21st, with some good help from our friends at NFL Trade Rumors.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account, as team needs are a very fluid situation. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings, Happy Kwanza, Joyous Hannukah, Joy Noel, Make the Yuletide gay and a warm festivus for the rest of us.

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Source: Miami QB Brad Kaaya Likely Returning to School, Not Entering NFL Draft


Miami Hurricanes Quarterback Brad Kaaya will likely be returning to school next season a source close to the program said.

Kaaya, a three year starter who is often mentioned as one of the few elite QB prospects in the draft class, has one more year of collegiate eligibility remaining.

Kaaya has until January 16th to make his decision, and he is strongly leaning towards returning to Coral Gables, a trusted source with very close ties to the Canes told The Sports Bank.

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Twitter Hash Tags for All 32 NFL Teams #NFLGameDay #NFLKickoff


Here it is; the primary and secondary social media hash tags for all 32 NFL teams. Happy NFL kickoff. This comes to us via a social engagement company called Postano, You have the official hash tag for each NFL team, as well as the most used hash tag for each NFL team.


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