New Orleans Pelicans maybe pulling an Eric Gordon on Eric Gordon


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The New Orleans Pelicans are actively shopping Eric Gordon. The Pelicans have talked with several teams and have even concocted a few three-team trade scenarios. Now wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if the Pelicans tell Eric Gordon he’s going to one specific NBA team, only to hear rumors and innuendo that he’s going to another, and then the front office telling him “we’re still solid with Eric Gordon.”

But then, at the last possible moment, sending Eric Gordon to an entirely different team?

Sound familiar?


Because that’s exactly what Eric Gordon did during his college basketball recruitment. Sure, everyone knew he was one-and-done to the NBA after completing his high school career in Indianapolis. But we still call it “pulling an Eric Gordon” or “Eric Gordoning.” It’s committing one way, reaffirming that commitment, and then bailing at the last second possible to go elsewhere.

Yes, to Illinois Fighting Illini fans and Bruce Weber loyalists, Gordon was Cliff Alexander before there was Cliff Alexander. It also didn’t help much that it was Indiana where Gordon did his one joke year of being a faux college student..

The Pelicans began seeking to trade away Eric Gordon in the offseason once they picked up Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans.

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Eric Gordon has been healthy this season, and he’s stepped up his game lately. But his play does not equate to his contract: $30 million over two years. He’s like shooting guard Andrew Bynum. $15 million a year for that? His contract is THE reason the Pelicans can’t do anything with him at this point.

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