President Barack Obama: top 8 sports related photos, moments



Happy birthday America. As you know, President Barack Obama is a huge basketball fan; it’s his favorite sport. And he’s a tremendous White Sox fan, so we’ll start with this White Sox moments. And some pics from when he got elected.

My “cocktail party question” is people asking me how/why Obama follows me on Twitter. I’ve even changed my Twitter bio to say nothing else except that. As my Twitter feed contains every post I write, there’s a chance the President could actually see this post. Probably a 1/1,000,000,000,000,000 chance. But still a chance nonetheless



This was victory night 2008, here’s my recap of what it was like at the epicenter in Chicago



meeting the famous Fab 5 of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. That of course includes McKayla Maroney who was of course “not impressed” during the medal ceremony. Obama joined in doing the famous pose.


And of course, his brother in law is Oregon State basketball Craig Robinson


You’ll remember the NFL football promo with his profession of his love for the Chicago Bears


He also took in some basketball games courtside with V.P. Joe Biden


he makes a NCAA college basketball bracket every March Madness.

barack obama basketball

Obama has put up with a lot of birther morons and stupid idiots that think he’s a Muslim. Donald Trump is the biggest name of losers to fall into this category, the sports world has one too: Luke Scott.



presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Boston Celtics legend and social pioneer Bill Russell


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