NBA Draft night Hall of Fame Tweets, Bill Simmons, Cody Zeller



Twitter was on fire during NBA Draft night. At least the people I follow certainly were. It was difficult to pick out just a sampling of the best ones. A few people actually tweeted:


when Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats took Cody Zeller of the Indiana Hoosiers with the 4th overall pick.

So seeing Cody Zeller go four, and his Indiana teammate Victor Oladipo number two, yet Tom Crean couldn’t get past the sweet sixteen..well you see the backstory. Of course, this was a very very weak draft. With a very low talent level. It made for an interesting, exciting and unpredictable draft, but it was weak nonetheless.

So you had your annual insane “project picks” of foreign guys that no one has ever heard of showing up mid-to-late round one this year, not in late round two like they usually do.

Oh and Bill Simmons owned draft night. Whether you loved or hated him, you tweeted about Sports Guy. I thought he did a fantastic job. He was so good, he was the anti-Tim Doyle. And I loved that he kept quoting Yahoo as a source on breaking trade news. Because you know ESPN HATES THAT. The tweet collection also includes a Len “Steal My Sunshine” reference.














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