Charlotte Hornets Icon Muggsy Bogues in “Shower Thoughts”



Charlotte Hornets icon Muggsy Bogues showing there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to brilliance on the court. In the subsequent videos, actor/musician/YouTube personality Chester See discovers that the tuba is the coolest instrument around, while Pretty Little Liars regular Brendan Robinson shows how standout style can make all the difference.

Muggsy Bogues, or Tyrone Bogues as was his given name must have been pleased by how his former team finally showed some progress this season. The 5’3″ 1990s NBA superstar saw the franchise take the Miami Heat to seven games this NBA postseason, which is quite the accomplishment considering that postseason appearances have been very few and far between under the regime of Michael Jordan. The last time they went to the playoffs they were the Bobcats and their performance accomplished absolutely nothing.

This year though, the Hornets were a much better, more balanced, well rounded team that showed respectability. Muggsy Bogues should be proud of his “Space Jam” co-star.


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