Did toy manufacturer take ruthless shot at Derrick Rose?


derrick rose

Do you recall the Derrick Rose playoff jersey for sale? It was a joke of course, a pretty mean one as this was your Derrick Rose playoff jersey:

derrick rose

Pretty cold, huh? But not as cold as the Derrick Rose action figure. Which requires some leg assembly. Seriously, leg assembly hall required. I hope for fairness sake, that all NBA action figures made by this company require some leg assembly.

But there’s an even more outrageous part to this story. The guy who first tweeted this Derrick Rose some leg assembly required phenomenon, has gone into overdrive. Here he is tweeting it to Joakim Noah

” Steve L” @bullystyle311 has Tweeted out the same photo of the Derrick Rose doll with his message of outrage to at 40 different Chicago Bulls media people. There’s probably way more than 40, but there was only so much I could take of his lunatic Twitter feed. You can see why he has a 466-60 following to followers ratio. There’s no one to root for in this story, certainly not the toy manufacturer. And not Bullystyle319 either

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