Scottie Pippen arrested for felonious assault



It’s a sad state of affairs in the mainstream media when TMZ does a lot of the major reporting of sports news.  First off, too much of the sports MSM does nothing except copy and paste team press releases or “report” about awards/award watch lists that no one outside of coaches and players care about. Or that just do puff pieces about teams and players performing community service, in order to curry favor with the franchises.

TMZ first reported that Chicago Bulls icon Scottie Pippen got into an altercation outside of Nobu in Malibu with another man and the result was the other man ending up in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Yes, when you get a TMZ report it’s going to involve smut. However, this is Scottie Pippen we’re talking about, and “that’s assault, brotha!” as Billy Madison famously said.

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If this Scottie Pippen barfight article seems short, well we are working off a TMZ “report.” And TMZ “articles” are notoriously 50 words or less with often 2-3 word “paragraphs.” Because “reading is hard.” It hurts my brain, TMZ!

But to their credit, this story is everywhere now. And they had it first.

So Scottie Pippen is being charged with felony assault after fleeing the scene outside this restaurant/night club. In the mean time, check out this exclusive that I just had with Scottie Pippen. As you can see from the shirt he’s wearing the day I interviewed the 47-year-old NBA Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen certainly does enjoy going to nightclubs in warm cities.

And I guess illegally beating the crap out of would be autograph seekers too.


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