When will Doug McDermott return to the Bulls?



Doug McDermott doesn’t appear to be the potential answer for the Chicago Bulls at the small forward position. The first string three Mike Dunleavy will miss his 17th straight game tonight. (more on that, and on his potential return here)  Tony Snell has started two of the last three games, with Coach Tom Thibodeau deciding to start two power forwards in the other.

Still, no love for Dougie McBuckets thus far.

doug mcdermott

In mid-December, knee issues led to Doug McDermott undergoing an arthroscopy knee surgery and missing significant time. He experienced a prolonged rehabilitation period and he’s only played in 19 games this season; two of the last ten.

McDermott was activated on January 19th against the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s been back practicing for close to two weeks but don’t expect to see him any time soon. Yesterday Coach Tom Thibodeau said of Doug McDermott “He’s still a work in progress. He’s getting back in shape. His approach is excellent.”

 doug mcdermott

For the regular season, McDermott has averaged just 10.5 minutes per game and 2.9 points per game. Remember he was a lottery pick. The Chicago Bulls traded away their 16th and 19th overall picks this past draft in order to obtain him from the Denver Nuggets; who had selected him 11th overall.

A player of the acclaim and publicity of Doug McDermott, who had won so many national player of the year awards, much more was expected. Yes, it’s early and yes he’s been hurt, but it’s clear that he’s been a huge disappointment. Maybe all he needs is more of a chance? Maybe Thibs just needs to give him more time.

When that will actually happen though is anyone’s guess.

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Here’s the Tom Thibodeau podcast

If you want to know why the Bulls have not lived up to expectations this season, look no further than their injury issues at the three. If you can’t start Doug McDermott or Mike Dunleavy at small forward that what do you do? With the true starting lineup of Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Dunleavy, Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol, the Bulls are 12-3.

That’s good! However, they have only had that lineup for 15 games. That’s bad!

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