Brad Daugherty told Michael Jordan the Bobcats are “TERRIBLE”



Michael Jordan may not be as successful a basketball owner as he was a basketball player. Well, thanks Captain Obvious!

At least not now, according to Brad Daugherty. Basketball nerd that I am, I know Brad Daugherty as the No. 1 overall pick in the 1986 NBA draft. Brad Daugherty went to North Carolina, played for Dean Smith, was a two-time All-American and played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for his entire eight-year NBA career.

According to a story I read on the Sun-Times website by auto racing writer Tina Akouris, Brad Daugherty told Michael Jordan that he thinks Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats are “terrible.”

I’m sure Brad Daugherty was just giving his old North Carolina teammate some good-natured ribbing. But it did seem that Brad Daugherty could have been serious. After all, the Charlotte Bobcats were pretty bad last season and finished 21-61. Daugherty and Jordan probably had a little skirmish of words when Daugherty went to watch the Charlotte Bobcats play, but the two were also part of one of the most famous games in NBA history.

Back in 1989, Michael Jordan hit “The Shot” over the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Craig Ehlo at the buzzer. “The Shot” won game five for the Bulls and sent them into the Eastern Conference finals against the Detroit Pistons. Of course, now all of Detroit is entirely bankrupt and Michael Jordan owns one of the worst franchises in the NBA.

In Tina Akouris’ article she quotes Brad Daugherty on how he views Michael Jordan:

On the Charlotte Bobcats:

“I see what he’s trying to do and it takes time. He’s really focused and driven and very stubborn, and he believes in things.”

On how Michael Jordan played:

“Watching Michael, I knew what he was capable of and that was the biggest thing. He scored 63 on us one night in Cleveland and I thought he had only 25, because it was so easy how he was (scoring). And he had so many big, clutch shots that that’s what becomes remarkable.”


Today, Brad Daugherty is a NASCAR analyst on ESPN and he was in Chicago for the STP 300 Nationwide race at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet.

Tina Akouris had an interesting tidbit in her article when she wrote that Brad Daugherty didn’t even “fall in love” with basketball until his sophomore year at North Carolina. Brad Daugherty’s father raced cars and got his son involved in it at a young age.

Hence, his auto racing credentials. And now Brad Daugherty gets to hang out in the ESPN studio with Nicole Briscoe. Pretty sweet deal.


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