Brynn Cameron has another son — by another famous athlete



For a woman’s basketball player, Brynn Cameron is really hot; smokin’ hot I dare say and Brynn Cameron doesn’t even look like she would need to play a sport to make money. Brynn Cameron could easily get by on her looks alone and she is really the prettiest women’s basketball player I’ve ever seen.

So is it a surprise that former USC basketball star Brynn Cameron has two children by two different fathers? NFL quarterback Matt Leinart and now Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers.


I could easily make some sex jokes involving Brynn, but I won’t because there are children involved in her story.

Brynn Cameron had her latest child on August 1, a son she named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin. Cameron’s newborn son joins her 6-year old son by Matt Leinart, Cole.

I do remember a lot about Brynn Cameron and her custody and child support battles with Matt Leinart. She ended up getting about $15,000 a month from Matt Leinart and I seem to remember her making Matt Leinart look really bad in the process.


TMZ, my favorite source for all things scandal and scuttle, reports that Brynn Cameron and Blake Griffin were dating but now they are not, which is kinda sad for that little boy.

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  1. is brynn going to still claim to be MORMAN? the 1st pregnancy, I get it. She was 19, she succumbed to desires, had pre marital sex with matt Leinart and got pregnant. She had Cole.
    Now 6 yrs later she is almost 30. why is she still having unprotected sex? Why wasnt she on birth control or why didnt she use the emergency contraception pill?

    I’m more apt to believe she got comfortable gettiing $15,000 a month from Matt leinart for doing nothing but being a Mom.
    Now she will be geting another $15,000(or more) for the next 18yrs for son Ford Cameron-Griffin.

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