Preview of Danica Patrick’s next photo shoot (picture)


Danica Patrick may not be off to the best start in her NASCAR season, she’s way way way way down there in terms of the points standings right now. Aside from earning the pole position for the Nationwide series at Daytona, her first week of the season was a disaster! However, her move from Indycar to NASCAR is still fantastic for her, the sport, all involved.

And her marketability is as strong as ever. Here’s a glimpse into her latest photoshoot for Tissot.

Patrick tweeted:

Here’s a little peek into my awesome day shooting for @tissot!


No word on if this photo shoot will display her tramp stamp tattoo. For that, you have to go here.

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  1. She can do everything but win a race.

  2. Frankenbozo says:

    Mike, I think she won an Indy Car race a year or so ago. Consider also that she races against the top drivers in the business and holds her own pretty well. Her worth to Nascar and to IndyCar was her power to draw fans and I’m thinking that may be the same reason the Jets brought Tebow on board. There is also a 17 year old girl named Elena Meyers who just won at Daytona on a motorcycle. This is probably the start of girls doing better in motorsports. I do hear what you’re saying though.

  3. Who cares whether she wins or loses. She’s freaking adorable. Maybe taking a stab at a male-dominated sport was her leverage for getting into modeling or something! She’s a millionaire, right?

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