Roger Clemens just hanging out, watching a lot of Indy Baseball



You may wonder what Roger Clemens has been up to since that ill-fated Roger Clemens comeback attempt. Well, as you know he named all his kids with names that start with K. (OMG! How brilliant and clever! Because Roger Clemens got a lot of strikeouts! K! It works on so many levels!)

Well one of those kids was recently dismissed from the Toronto Blue Jays organization, and he’s caught on (cuz he’s a catcher, get it? I know, the 7 o’clock show is completely different from the 11) in unaffiliated baseball. And Roger Clemens is just kicking back and taking it all in.


I now turn it over to Bob Wirz:

The father-son team of Roger and Koby Clemens continue to draw attention to the Atlantic League as the 51-year-old, who won 354 major league games and seven Cy Young awards, travels to some of the cities to watch the 26-year-old catcher with the Sugar Land (TX) Skeeters, based 30 minutes from their Houston-area home.

“It’s all for my boys”, Roger Clemens told The Connecticut Post when he visited Bridgeport this week, of his concentration on the activities of his four sons, who include a restaurant owner, a University of Texas freshman baseball player and a high school junior.

As for Koby, who has a team-record 21 home runs and is the No. 1 backstop, he told The Post “he’s (Roger) still dad to me. Just a big three-year-old like most dads are. So he’s a goofball and I’m a lucky son.”

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