Kansas City Royals mascot lap dance photo (NSFW)


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The Kansas City Royals have been last, or close to last, in the AL Central for as long as most MLB fans can remember. However, they are overwhelmingly first in mascot debauchery. Someone tweeted this picture (again Not Safe For Work) of Sluggerrr, the Kansas City Royals mascot, getting his naked lap dance on.

You’ll have more respect for the Kansas City Royals when you see this. Because you probably have very little respect for the Kansas City Royals right now. And this is the most interesting thing to happen, Kansas City Royals related, since 1985.



Deadspin published an update on this picture:

A twitter user has chimed in saying the picture was from a friend’s bachelor party (though he was not at the party) in 2005 and the guy in the costume is no longer Sluggerrr.

Will this picture make the Kansas City Royals better? I have a feeling it will. The Kansas City Royals can’t finish in sixth place in 2013, right? And how did this lap dance measure up to the infamous Cowboys Stadium front row lap dance caught on video?

More importantly why did this person tweet this pic to corporation-disguised-as-a-human-being Darren Rovell? So that Darren Rovell could tweet out one of his inane headline contests? Or his insipid Twitter polls? We all know Rovell’s corporate masters are all about family values, so why send it to him? He couldn’t have plugged it anyway.

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