PHOTOS: Front Row Brewers Girl fan Amy Williams

Remember the Front Row Brewers girl who was such an internet sensation? Well, it’s friggin FREEZING OUTSIDE in the upper midwest and we need warmer thoughts of baseball. The Brewers are at spring training, so the MLB season isn’t that far of One of the most famous Milwaukee Brewers fans, “Front Row Amy” was a big star a year or two ago. The buxsome (read: artificially enhanced? maybe natural?) superfan is getting all kinds of attention all across the sports blogosphere.

You can follow Front Row Brewers Girl on Twitter here. The bio of the Osh Kosk native reads:

Nice person & most passionate Brewers fan u will ever meet. Luv Miller Park. Luv keeping score. Workout a lot. Did I mention I luv the Brewers?! :)

h/t and pic below Deadspin

Her Twitter links to her Facebook, which is a very public profile. Amy Williams, or Amy Marshall Williams is….

someone who works in accounting at Anchorage Realty Inc. Studied English at the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where she’s married to Russ Williams. Originally from Evanston, Illinois. Her birthday in October 4, 1968. But enough info, let’s look at more pictures of this 45 year old hottie….with really big jugs.

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  1. I dont think its only a man thing. I noticed amy a long time ago keeping score at the game and thought it was cool how much she loves the brewers. I love them too and it is great to see amy enjoy the game.Good to finally find out who she is.

  2. okay, i love the brewers too. but i can’t afford to sit front row at every home game. i also don’t leave my children at home and never bring them with. also, who claps after Every pitch? sure, maybe at the first strike or an important strike, but every one??? come on. you can’t honestly tell me she doesn’t just want publicity. also, she hardly keeps score. most of the time she’s got the card on the ground.

  3. enos thepenis says:

    Id love to munch that sweet nest of hers. Wonderful tits to boot.

  4. I think it’s great! I am sure her kids are well taken care of, after all, every mom needs time to get away. She’s lovely and articulate and educated. Lighten up, ladies. She loves her Brewers and hasn’t asked for your opinion of her life. Jeez, jealous much?

  5. Why is it that whenever a woman makes a negative comment about another women that it supposedly indicates jealousy? Seriously??

  6. I’m hoping her 15 minutes of fame are almost over.

  7. Shelby Melbourne says:

    She’s nothing but a sad, pathetic, desperate drama diva always looking for attention.

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