President Barack Obama Hosting the Chicago Cubs at the White House



Like Boyz II Men told us “it’s so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday. Outgoing President of the United States Barack Obama gave his Farewell Address tonight, and the whole country was focused in on it. “Farewell Address,” Barack Obama, FLOTUS, Malia and plenty of other Barack Obama related search terms dominated the top ten national trending terms on Twitter tonight.

On the night that the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in game seven of the World Series, Obama invited the newly crowned champions to the White House via Twitter.

Obama is a well known White Sox fan, but as a Chicagoan he openly rooted for the Cubs. He also said that the 2016 championship “is actually, for Cubs fans, the greatest thing since sliced bread.” The Cubs victory lap journey continues on Monday when Barack Obama will host the team at the White House.

The President’s spokespeople confirmed to various media outlets tonight that POTUS will be hosting the team on January 16th. That’s the day after the 2017 Chicago Cubs convention ends.

We’re really going to miss you Barack Obama. Really! More than we ever thought we would.

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