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Kelly Crull is a Comcast Sports Net Chicago hostess and Chicago Cubs media personality. Before CSN Chicago and the Cubs she had a similar gig with the San Diego Padres games, and before that, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kelly Crull, 32, hosted San Diego Padres weekly, the video magazine show on Fox Sports.

She worked two years at KOCO-5 before joining the Thunder in 2010, and later moving on to becoming a sideline reporter for Padres telecasts and various other games on the regional network.


“All hail Krul, and his glorious new regime!


Little Girl”

You might recall that passage from a letter written to Lisa Simpson by her pen pal from a Banana Republic that experienced a bloody coup. The ending of the letter is voiced by one of the guerillas, while the beginning of the letter is the expression of a young child.


I don’t really care that much about other media personalities, but the internet really really really does. There was a time when I did care, many years ago, but now I know much better. This post is from that era, when Crull was still working for the Padres. No way I do would do an obvious clickbait post like this today, and I thought that I had deleted everything of that sort from the past. Guess not.

Kelly Crull, a University of Missouri graduate, was a tennis star at Mizzou.



More Kelly Crull photos, as that’s most likely the primary reason that you clicked here anyway-




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  1. Lois Leyh says:

    I have always been a Kelly Krull fan. However, when she is in the studio and on-mike, she seems to yell at the camera. I had to hit the mute button it was so irritating. Why do lady reporters have the need to do that???? They should on-air speaking lessons from Allyson Rosati, Kathy Brock, Robin Baumgarten, ladies who really know how to “talk” to the TV audience. But I still love you Kelly – just tone it down, please!!

  2. ron jaques says:

    Kelly can do no wrong she is terrific !

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