Cubs wife Kim DeJesus goes on Vine, Twitter rampage (pics)



Meet the wife of Chicago Cubs OF David DeJesus. Click her name to see her photo gallery: Kim DeJesus.

I have a feeling that the Kim DeJesus Vine and Kim DeJesus twitter account got a lot of page views today. I see why she has almost 7,000 followers. I’m sure she got a lot of new ones today. I barely knew what Vine was before yesterday. Now the Chicago Cubs wife gave the best publicity ever for the video sharing app.



Kim DeJesus really likes her bubbles, as you can see. To quote the Chris Rock song: “I drink champagne when I hustle, I drink champagne with Nipsey Russell” . Kim DeJesus posted several Vines of just herself drinking champagne. Now she has since deleted them. Only one remains. Why break out the bubbly? She was celebrating the fact that her husband was not traded. Kim DeJesus really loves Chicago.

The “42 minutes” refers to the time remaining until the MLB Trade deadline when this Vine pas posted.






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